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Come winter, skin can get dry and irritated easily. Do you know a few simple changes to your skin care routine can keep your skin supple and soft through winter?

We all know skin and winter don’t really mesh well! It looks more like winter isn’t good for the skin. But, the truth is, winter is really harsh. Humidity levels are low and the air is dry as a result, leaving your skin dry – moisture is stolen from your skin rather quickly during winters. This means, your skin becomes dry, irritated and probably easy to crack or get infected when left unattended.

So, what should you do when you want your skin soft and smooth during winters?

Stay away from hot showers or harsh soaps and cleansers during the winter. These will be harsh on your skin and with the winter wreaking enough havoc, you don’t have to add more to it.

Use a good moisturizer or even body butter, if your skin needs more moisturizing and nourishment – dry or ageing skin, for example.

It is already cold, so you might not be able to shower in cold water. Keep your water lukewarm instead. That will be less tasking and you can clean yourself perfectly well, without worrying about bitingly cold water.

Showered? Good, now follow-up with a good moisturizer, or oil right after. Do this when your skin is slightly damp, as it helps moisture to seep into your skin and get it sealed.

Don’t forget mitts, gloves and socks! Yes, they can look funny, but nothing protects your tender and sensitive skin like woolen gloves, socks or clothing. So, use them!

While winter needs a protective layer for your skin, you don’t have to use petroleum-based products for that. Instead, go with healing and protecting ingredients like butters, oils or even beeswax, instead of petroleum jelly.

Don’t forget your sunscreen. Wondering why? Sun doesn’t change or go anywhere during winter. You just don’t feel it as much, during winters. Sunscreens are needed – summer or winter!

You won’t feel thirsty what with the weather being cold and windy. But, you need just as much water during winters to keep your body functioning at its best and for the skin to get enough hydration. So, take adequate amount of water during winters.

Do you know humidifiers help? If you use air conditioners, humidifiers are a necessity, as they put back the lost moisture in air and keep the air humidified. This means, your skin won’t dry out.

You apply moisturizer right after your shower, but applying it at night is equally important. Your skin, especially dry areas like elbows, feet, knees and even your hands bear a lot of brunt. So, apply a moisturizer right before your hit the bed. This way, your skin can repair and rejuvenate itself at night and be fresh as a daisy in the morning!

That’s not all! There’s more to skin and you can bet we will revisit this topic yet again. Till then, try our DIY Recipes, reach out with your suggestions and comments and keeps us posted with your results. If you don’t have time for DIY Recipes, you can use Aya Naturals for your skin care requirements.