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We’ve been seeing more about applying makeup the right way. Here’s the next part of it, as promised.

Make Up Tools

Makeup tools are often considered as a means to an end. It is right, but when you use the right tools, the results can be really good. While there are different types of brushes, sponges and tools, each with a different use and some that offer more than one use, it can get confusing. However, when do remember and get it right, the results are really worth that effort. So, let’s take a look at a few tools and how to use them.

Kabuki Brush – Prefer using dry foundation more often? This brush is your best friend and you need one in your arsenal. You can also use this to apply your bronzer – for drawing the “3” right!

Eye Shadow Brush – Eye Shadow is a part of everyone’s routine and can make or break your look. Want to get your look right? Use an Eye Shadow Brush, especially for blending and applying. The best part about this brush is that it works for both powdered eye shadow and cream shadow equally well. You can rest assured the results are precise when you use this brush.

Angled Brush – Were you wondering what to do with it? We’re here to clarify that for you! If you want to apply eyebrow or eyeliner – powdered form, you need one of this! Also, this is a great way to get your blush right!

Foundation Brush – This is the brush you definitely need if you want to get your primary foundation applied right!

Stippling Brush – When you want to apply your foundation base on your skin smoothly, this brush is just what you need. The best part – you get an airbrushed look when using this brush.

Concealer Brush – It is used for correcting spots. It can smooth your concealer onto your skin, so it blends well. The best way to do that is by patting the product on your skin and not just rubbing it along.

Contour Brush – As the name suggests, this brush is used for contouring. The bristles are firmer than that of a blush brush and used for contouring – exactly contouring by targeting areas where needed.

Blending Brush – Want to get the perfect look? A Blending Brush is a must have. You use this to even out after applying makeup, especially the eye shadow by softening and eliminating any harsh lines that appear. The key is – blending!

Highlight Fan Brush – Designed for highlighting, the fanned out bristles make it easier to take less product and highlight precisely.

Spoolie – You probably use this already, in case you’re wondering, this is your Mascara brush and designed to make applying Mascara easier.

Eyeliner Brush – If you are a fan of winged eyeliner, you need this brush to get it right. It is designed to take right amount of product and enable you to style with precision.

Lip Brush – Wondering what’s that? If you love to line your lips, this brush is a must have for that perfectly lined lips.

Bronzer Brush – As the name suggests, designed for bronzing, this brush is a must have if you are a fan of the sun-kissed look.

When you want to apply makeup, make sure you use the right tools. There are times when the results can be awry when you use wrong tools. Now that you know what’s each brush for, use this guide and get your look right ☺ Remember to keep your brushes and other tools clean by cleaning them regularly.

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