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Come festive season, some glitz and glamor is everybody’s idea. So, here’s how you can add some shimmer in your life this festive season!

When you want to head out for an evening outing, for a date night, or a party, or just prepping up for the festive season, shimmer is a must have. So, how can you use it for sprucing up your looks? Why, a shimmering spray, of course!

Let’s take a look at what we need first.


Grain Alcohol – 2 Oz.
Distilled Water – 1 ½ Tbsp.
Sweet Marjoram Essetnail Oil – 10 Drops
Shimmer – 1 Tbsp.
Argan Oil – 1 Oz


Add the essential oil to alcohol and mix well.

Now, add the distilled water slowly into the mixture.

Now, add the Shimmer.

Finally, add the Argan Oil and you’re done!

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use denatured alcohol, instead of grained alcohol.

You can use Jojoba Oil or any carrier oil, instead of along with Argan Oil. I used it because it is light, though any light carrier oil will do. If your carrier is more viscous and makes the shimmering spray look murky, add more alcohol, problem solved!

You can use any shimmer, including micro glitter. If you are looking for a subtle shimmer, go for fine-grained pearly mica, or sparkly mica or something similar. If you are going for a dramatic look, go for glitter or micro glitter. If you don’t have shimmer handy, just use your mineral shadow in a light color, works just fine!

It is tricky when you use water, oil and alcohol together and they tend to get separated. So make sure you shake well before every use. However, I find that it is easy to skip the water and just go with oils and alcohol.

How to Use This Spray?

Shake gently and spray away to sport a shimmery look!


When you use shimmer, the key is choosing the shimmer ingredient right. When you use a spray to spray this, you want the dispenser to allow the shimmer particles to come through. So make sure you pick the right spritzer and that, the shimmer you choose is suitable for the nozzle size.

Also, some shimmers can bleed when you use them with solvents. While most shimmers, especially mica is safe, make sure you test it before using. You don’t want to bleed colors when you’re out and about, especially if you are using one of your eye shadows in the place of shimmer!

While you can use sparkling or mirage mica for shimmer, I’ve seen sparkling mica is more cost-effective. As for what’s best, I really love glitters that tend to reflect as they sparkle and don’t bleed out colors. While they’re costlier, they are the ultimate if you want to look your best. Choose based on your budget and requirement.

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