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There are many hair removal products in the mark and salons that charge a fortune for waxing. What if you can prepare your own hair removal wax?

Yes, Persians have been using homemade wax for centuries! Now you can try it too.

Persian wax or sugar wax as it is popularly called, is a tried, tested and really old recipe that has been working wonders to remove body hair for centuries. It is natural, doesn’t contain toxins, chemicals or harsh ingredients including pesticides or hormone disrupting ingredients. It doesn’t harm your body and is really cheap and affordable! Do you want to learn this recipe and get rid of your body hair at the comfort of your home?

Read on, for the ingredients, instructions and more about the recipe.


Sugar – 2 Cups
Lemon Juice – 3 Tbsp.
Water – 6 Tsp.
Salt – 2 Tsp.


In a saucepan, add all the ingredients and heat them in low flame.

The mixture should be stirred every now and then. It will thicken and become a golden brown liquid.

This process usually takes about 8 minutes. Don’t forget to stir, as you want all the sugar dissolved.

When the syrup turns golden brown and fairly thick, keep stirring continuously.

You must make the stirring continuous when the mixture starts to thicken. When the mixture becomes a dark brown, you can remove it – remember, you shouldn’t let it burn, just turn golden brown and dark brown, but not burnt.

Turn off your stove and let it set for a few minutes – a couple of minutes should do in most cases.


How to Use It?

Apply the wax wherever you want to get rid of body hair and pull out – make sure you pull out against hair growth – or the opposite direction of hair growth.

Left Overs?

Yes, you can absolutely use the wax until it is over. So refrigerate leftovers and warm it up before use. Warming up usually takes about 10 – 15 seconds in a microwave.


You can use white or brown sugar, your choice – both work.

Salt is optional and can be used or skipped. This doesn’t affect the wax quality or outcome.

The end result is closer to that of a caramel in color.

Do you know this is a very popular recipe in Lebanon and throughout Egypt? The wax actually looks tempting! Give it a try, and you might never visit a salon again for waxing.

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