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Getting foundation right for Oily Skin is tough, isn’t it? Let’s prepare a foundation that works for Oily Skin shall we?


Sericite – 1 Tbsp.
Zinc Oxide – 1Tbsp.
Starch – 1 Tbsp.
Rice Powder – ½ Tbsp.
Silica – ¼ Tsp.
Calcium Carbonate – ¼ Tsp.
White Kaolin Clay – ¼ Tsp.
Yellow Iron Oxide – ¾ Tsp.
Red Iron Oxide – 1 Smidgen
Ultramarine Blue – 1 Smidgen


Add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl except the iron oxide pigments.

Mix mechanically using a spatula for a few minutes.

When combined, add the iron oxides and mix again till fully blended.

When the mixture is even and there are no streaks of color, transfer to a sterilized jar.

How to Use It?

Use it as your foundation powder. Apply after applying your moisturizer or primer using a foundation brush.

This foundation also doubles up as Eye Shadow and suits warm skin tones.

You can use the foundation wet or dry – if you want to use it wet, you can use your lotion or cream or even your primer to whip up a wet version!

Shelf Life

The shelf life is a good few months, though I would suggest you go with the expiry dates of the ingredients used.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use Titanium Dioxide instead of Zinc Oxide for the recipe.

You can use any starch powder, though Arrowroot powder works best for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

You can skip rice powder and add Arrowroot powder instead.

Kaolin Clay is mild and skin-friendly, though any facial clay you are comfortable with works good. You can also choose the clay according to your skin tone.

The ratio or measurements for Oxide pigments are flexible; so go with what works for your skin.

If you have one of the makeup bases we listed earlier handy, use that and just add color pigments to get the foundation powder ready!

Why These Ingredients?

Mineral Makeup is becoming popular because they don’t trigger acne outbreaks like many other makeup products do. They’re also hypoallergenic and works for most, even those with sensitive skin.

With the addition of Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, this foundation also offers sun protection along with coverage.

It keeps oil at bay and leaves your face looking fresh and even.


Just make sure you choose high quality raw materials for your recipes. Get FDA approved raw materials and choose the right ones for your recipe – for example, some materials are approved only for face and not lips or eyes and only certain grades are allowed for use on eye or lips. SO check all that correctly when buying raw materials.

Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try Gaya Cosmetics for your beauty requirements. Their mineral makeup range is hypoallergenic, organic and cruelty free. I have tried their products from time to time when I don’t have time for DIY-ing and have never been disappointed.

Key for Measurements Used Here

Tad – ¼ Tsp.
Dash – 1/8 Tsp.
Pinch – 1⁄16 Tsp.
Smidgen – 1⁄32 Tsp.
Drop – 1⁄64 Tsp.