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Long and luscious lashes are everyone’s dream. There are many brands that claim to give us just that, with their Mascaras. But, what about the chemicals that go into it? What if you can prepare your own natural Mascara?

Mascaras are sought after by women to darken, thicken, color, lengthen or curl their lashes. However, considering lashes are quite close to the eye and applying anything there should be done with care, I was quite wary about using Mascaras. I decided to whip up one real quick, at home with natural ingredients. I wanted toxin-free or chemical-free Mascara that will also help my lashes. So, here we go!

Let’s get started!


Coconut Oil – 2 Tsp.
Aloe Vera Gel – 2 Tsp
Beeswax –1 Tsp.
Castor Oil – ¼ Tsp.
Moroccan Red Clay – ¼ Tsp.
Brown Iron Oxide Powder – ¼ Tsp.
Red Iron Oxide – a pinch or two
Titanium Di Oxide / Zinc Oxide – a pinch or two


In a double boiler, melt the Beeswax and Coconut Oil. I noticed it is easier to melt Beeswax if you shred or get it as pellets.

When fully melted, add Castor Oil and Aloe Vera Gel.

Continue stirring to combine and when fully blended, remove from heat.

Add Moroccan Red Clay, Red Iron Oxide, Brown Iron Oxide and the Titanium or Zinc Oxide powders and mix well.

Once they’re fully combined and there are no lumps or streaks of color, transfer to a sterilized Mascara Bottle.

Note: I usually transfer the contents to a small plastic cover and cut a small hole at one end, then squeeze the contents into the Mascara bottle. This is easier than spooning out several times with a small spoon.

Why These Ingredients?

Beeswax will thicken the Mascara and also, give it the waterproof quality.

Coconut Oil and Castor Oil are nourishing and strengthens your lashes. Besides, they also keep your lashes soft and smooth. Do you know Castor Oil promotes lash growth?

Aloe Vera keeps the mixture from getting too oily, while also making it smooth.

If you want milder clay, or are more comfortable with other clay types like Kaolin or Bentonite, use that instead. Just alter the color pigments accordingly, to get the right shade. The clay binds the mixture and helps dry faster when you apply Mascara, so there’s no smudging.

Titanium Di Oxide or Zinc Oxide is optional and add UV / Sun protection to the recipe. This is particularly good if you live in a humid place.

How to Use It?

Just apply like your regular Mascara with a Mascara applicator!


Did the mixture turn out chalky after a while? Add more Aloe Vera Gel!

Is the Mascara too thick? Add some Oil!

Smudges easily? Add a bit of Clay and / or Beeswax. Alternatively, dust your lashes with Talc or Arrowroot Powder before applying your Mascara to prevent smudging and add volume to your lashes 😉

Shelf Life

Studies show a Mascara Bottle should be kept for about 3 Months, due to microbe or bacterial accumulation with time.

I recommend preparing smaller and frequent batches, considering we don’t add preservatives.

While this lasts for a couple of months, toss it out when the smell turns odd.

Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try Gaya Cosmetics Mascara and let us know if you like it.