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Are you seeking a high quality natural face day moisturizer that has the ability to serve as a multi-purposeful day cream-that moisturizes, hydrates, restoring your skins natural PH and youthful appearance?

Moisture that Lasts All Day Long for Skin Vitality & Glow:

This wonderful 100% natural and vegan face moisturizer cream has it ALL. Due to its perfect blend of essential oils, this day cream absorbs rapidly into the skin, yet locking in moisture throughout the day. Your skin stays fresh, hydrated and protected from the environment all day long…

Aya Natural Moisturizing Day Cream Description:

AYA’s moisturizing day cream serves as a complete face cream for women- a 2 in 1 day cream; serves as a wonderful natural face cream and the best anti-aging moisturizer out there. This refreshing creamy light Moisturizing Day Cream enriched with 100% Vegan Oils, Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Oil Extracts transforms the texture of your skin making it smoother, softer, and firmer. A “wake up “effect is visible even after the first time you apply it to your face and neck.

Its unique blend is able to lock in moisture into your skin keeping it hydrated all day long.. When you feed your skin all the essential nutrients its lacking you will notice a significant change in the appearance of your skin, it will “glow”.

Aya Natural Moisturizing Face Cream Key Benefits:

  1. 100% Natural Non-Greasy Rich Moisturizing Day Cream – Absorbs rapidly into the skin, locks in moisture keeping your skin well hydrated through out the day protecting it from the environmen.
  2. Best Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer – Effective natural essential oils, designed to rejuvenate and tighten your skin restoring a youthful glow back to your skin.
  3. Wake Up effect and Natural Lift – Rich vitamins and herbal oil extracts refreshes, lifts, and wakes up your skin, so you feel fresh and energetic all day long!

How to Use the Aya Natural Facial Moisturizer?

Apply the Aya Natural face moisturizer to revive dry skin or after applying Aya Natural face serum. Simply massage a small amount to your face by gently massaging this unique day cream upward in circular motions. For best results, apply every morning before applying your make up…

What Do People Say About the Aya Natural Day Cream?

The Aya Natural Facial Moisturizer for Dry Skin has a noticeable effect, even after the first application. See below Karen’s testimony about her experience:

“I am shocked, totally shocked by how much softer & smoother my skin is since using this Moisturizing Cream by Aya Natural. I’m a senior citizen and had begun to grow used to the idea that my face would never be anything but dry. Now, I have a new perspective on what my future face will be. From the first time I put just a little bit on my face, I felt a difference…”

Although the Aya Natural Face Cream is rich & thick it is non greasy and absorbs really fast deep into the inner layers of the skin. See below what Rachel have to say about this cream:

“This particular facial moisturizer is thick yet absorbs easily. It leaves no greasy residue and makes your skin feel soft and glowing. It is pleasant and not overbearing. I have some moisturizers that are my favourite for night time use (mainly because of scent such as lavender), and others for daily use. This is definitely one that I love wearing during the day.”

Aya Natural Moisturizing Face Cream Extra Tips:

To achieve a beautiful even glowing affect, Mix Aya’s moisturizing day cream with your foundation in the palm of your hand and when its an even consistency apply it to your face evenly. NOW YOU ARE READY TO START YOUR DAY…

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Aya Natural Moisturizing Cream