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Most of us love a fine sprinkling of Rose Powder to our face. Don’t we? It gives a nice Rosy hue and also, depending on the ingredients, leaves skin smooth and velvety. Do you know you can whip up your very own Rose Powder? It is quite simple, really! And the best part – it […] Read More

Do you know the Talcum Powder that you use is loaded with chemicals? Haven’t you heard – don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat! I kicked my Talcum Powder to the curb long back and replaced it with an edible powder! It is to make you look good and feel fresh. Isn’t […] Read More

Who doesn’t love a dose of Shimmer in their lipsticks? Want to know how to add shimmer to your lipsticks? I always prefer to wear the ones with shimmer, especially since I wear makeup only for occasions. For this season, I was looking at something red, when I was preparing my lipstick. I usually go […] Read More

I love the subtle glamor, fierceness and elegance that only brown lipstick can offer. The best part – it looks good on almost everyone! Brown lipstick is my all-time favorite and one shade I always have in my corner. It goes well with anything and everything, and since I don’t spend a lot of time […] Read More

So, removing makeup is sometimes hectic and you want to get it done without much ado. Right? That’s where makeup pads come in. They’re simple to use – wipe off and voila! I don’t use a lot of makeup, but I like removing whatever is left in my face, before I hit the bed. With […] Read More

Unlike most makeup products out there, Kohl as it is popularly called, is one of the best beauty products that work wonders for your eyes. So, what’s Kohl, you are probably wondering! Eyes add persona and magnificence to one’s face and considered as one of the best features of our face. Women adorn their eyes […] Read More

Want to prepare your own eyeliner? It is quite easy and with a few ingredients, you will have an all-natural eyeliner that’s good for your eyes. Eyeliners are quite popular and most of us use one these days. Do you know what goes into making an eyeliner? Most eyeliners use Cadmium, which is a toxic […] Read More

Have you tried to prepare your own eyeliner? Want to know how to do it yourself? Here’s a DIY Mineral Eyeliner recipe you can try. So, Eyeliner is one of the most tricky beauty recipes. However, the best part is – it is easy to prepare and there are loads of way to prepare them. […] Read More

Want to prepare a Neutral Mineral Foundation for Sensitive Skin? A simple, natural and flexible recipe that you can whip up real quick - Ready? When you have a sensitive skin, you ought to be careful about what you put on your skin. Your skin can get irritated easily, so this recipe should come in […] Read More

Want a Beige Mineral Eye Shadow for this festive Season? It is quite simple and easy to make. Ready to get started? This is a fairly neutral beige eye shadow that you can combine with other shadows using this as base, or just use it individually. Let’s take a look at the ingredients we need. […] Read More