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Want to remove makeup effectively? Try this easy and effective DIY Makeup Removal Scrub. We all use makeup from time to time. However, depending on what makeup you use, removing it can be a tad difficult. Especially, long stay eye makeup, or face makeup meant to last from 9 - 9 can be really difficult […] Read More

Want to add more volume to your brows? Try this DIY Raven Black Eyebrow Powder for stunning brows. Since I had a stash of mineral makeup raw material I got for my other projects, I was interested in using them to prepare my eyebrow powder. Since my brows aren’t really obvious, this adds volume and […] Read More

We’ve already seen two ways to make Kajal. Here’s another option you can try. For those who don’t want to use Almonds, due to Nut Allergy or Budget, or whatever reason, this is another option. Sandalwood Powder – 1 Tsp. Castor Oil – As Needed Ajwain / Caraway Seeds – 3 – 5 Wick / […] Read More

We all love pink, don’t we? I wanted ensure we get our pink fix, but with a little twist. Ready everyone? We’re going to prepare a loose eye shadow in Ivory Pink, as you’ve probably guessed. You can also make compressed eye shadow, we will probably do that in our next recipe. So whatever you […] Read More

If you want to prepare your own makeup, a makeup base makes things easier and handy. Want to know how to prepare it? We’ve already seen a DIY Makeup Recipe for light skin. This one is for darker skin. Ready for the recipe? Titanium Dioxide – 1 Tsp. Sericite – 3 Tsp. Yellow Iron Oxide […] Read More

Come festive season, some glitz and glamor is everybody’s idea. So, here’s how you can add some shimmer in your life this festive season! When you want to head out for an evening outing, for a date night, or a party, or just prepping up for the festive season, shimmer is a must have. So, […] Read More

We’ve been seeing more about applying makeup the right way. Here’s the next part of it, as promised. Makeup tools are often considered as a means to an end. It is right, but when you use the right tools, the results can be really good. While there are different types of brushes, sponges and tools, […] Read More

Vanishing Cream is a really popular product that was more known for its characteristic feature – vanishing right after application. It is ideal for those with oily skin, especially since this doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue behind. But the moisturizing properties of vanishing cream is really good and the key reason why those […] Read More

We’ve already seen one way of preparing Kajal. Here’s another option using Ajwain Seeds. So, ready ladies? We all know eyes are considered the window of one’s soul. There’s a reason we all love to keep our eyes shinning, healthy and stunning. Besides, getting lost in one’s eyes isn’t a mere statement. Eyes convey a […] Read More

Wondering what to do about purple discoloration on your skin? This happens predominantly under your eyes – think dark circles. A little lemon corrector is what you need to fix that problem. Dark circles, as the name implies, are darkening of the skin right under your eyes. This usually happens when the blood vessels in […] Read More