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Want to know more about sprucing yourself up during winter?

During winter, skin tends to get dry easily and is often parched even with best care and precautions. So, going with makeup to combat such issues and ensuring bright and flawless look is tricky but not impossible.

It is also a good idea to camouflage using makeup. Alternatively, playing up your features would work well.

For example, defined eyes are a great idea during winter. Most makeup experts suggest using a good liner in dark colors like jet black or dark chocolate brown for the upper lashes.

Also, using too much base would end up making you look like you’re painted. So, opt for lighter tones on that front.

As for highlight, go for the eyes. A Smokey eye makeup will rock your looks.

Irrespective of your makeup requirements, never skip the moisturizer if you don’t want to end up with patchy or blotched makeup.

Don’t Ignore Your Nails

Dark nail enamels are best when braving cold days. They give a bright and vibrant look even on a dull and boring day 😉 You can choose bright colors based on your mood or your nail style. For vibrant look choose colors like Burgundy, Deep Purple, etc. If you’re going for the formal or neutral trimmed nails, go with Navy Blue or the like.

Wash your face

Yes, washing your face is probably not your favorite thing to do during winter. But you must cleanse your face before applying makeup and before hitting the bed. That’s not negotiable. You could have a mild cleanser or whatever doesn’t aggravate dryness like honey, curd, etc. But cleansing is a must.

Don’t Cake Up Your Makeup

It isn’t going to perspire during winter like summer, but keep your makeup light. Heavy base under your makeup can give you a caked or painted look. That’s not flattering – trust me! However, if you have blemishes to cover-up, or a party to hit, go for a makeup base that will do a good job. Make sure to moisturize though.

Don’t Forget the Setting Spray

After painstakingly applying makeup, finish with your setting spray. You don’t your makeup to get botched and also, setting sprays give a nice shine. The best part about using a setting spray is the fresh all-day look it gives.

Go Light, if Your Skin is Sensitive

If your skin is sensitive, go for lighter makeup. Your base should be light and makeup that blends well should be your pick. You could just go with the basics to keep it easier on your skin – like lipstick, blush, eyeliner and dusting powder.

These are just a few tips to keep your face looking flawless and spruced up through winter. Wearing makeup to suit the season and skin tone is what matters the most. This way, you don’t look out of place or odd, rather, you look elegant and ready to go. You can prepare your own makeup products for keeping them natural and organic. Don’t have time for DIY Makeup Recipes? Try Gaya Cosmetics for your beauty requirements. Their mineral makeup range is organic, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic.