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Wondering why Exfoliation is gaining a lot of importance recently? Do you want to know if Exfoliation is a key step in your skincare regimen? If yes, how to get it right? To know that and more, read on.

Questions, Questions, Questions

We all hear exfoliation gives bright, youthful and supple skin by getting rid of dead skin cells and promoting better circulation. If we head to a skincare section in a store, the aisle has loads of scrubs or exfoliation products with different ingredients. What’s all the fuss about? Do you really need those fancy products to exfoliate your skin? Let’s get your questions answered, shall we?

Is Exfoliation Important & Why?

Dermis, our skin’s inner layer produces new cells from time to time. As new cells are created, older ones are discarded to the skin’s outer layer or epidermis. Usually, these dead cells fall off as flakes. But, some don’t and they can leave your pores clogged, or your skin can look dry or flaky or dull. Besides, it can also trigger acne or promote blemishes. We wouldn’t want that now, do we?

Of course, Not! So, what can we do to expedite the process? You know – how to get rid of the dead cells immediately? After all, what work do we have with dead cells anyways? Zilch! So, exfoliation is what we have to do to get rid of those dead cells.

Not just your face, your body needs exfoliation – we have skin all over the body. Don’t we? So, exfoliating includes every part of your body covered with skin. Do you know dry body brushing can reduce or prevent cellulite? Yep, body brushing promotes better circulation thus eliminating cellulite and leaves your skin toned.

So, is Store-Bought Exfoliator Needed?

Like mentioned earlier, when you walk over to the skincare aisle and check for scrubs or skin exfoliants – what do you see?

I remember seeing a gazillion different scrubs and variants in thousands of different colors. Let me think – Why do I need a scrub? That’s easy – for exfoliation. Am I bothered about what color is it? I like colors but don’t mind if they’re not fancy. Why would I want to add more chemicals to my skin? Then, what about the options – there’s apricot, there’s oatmeal, there’s fruit peel variants, there’s walnut, there’s a whole lot more combinations. Now, I’m totally confused after viewing an array of options and now knowing how to get rid of different variants from my shopping cart or how to hide them from my husband after going crazy out there!

Basically – exfoliation is a simple process and you don’t need hundreds of ingredients that are common with store-bought ones. Of course, there are organic products and you have a few to pick from. But, the truth is – whipping up an effective scrub that works wonders for your skin is really easy.

Honey n Sugar

Basic Ingredients – Aren’t They in Your Kitchen, Already?

Do you know a scrub basically needs 2 ingredients at most? In most cases, you can use sugar / salt & oil for whipping up a good scrub! Everything else is optional. You just play around with your favorite ingredients (lemon juice, lemon peel, rice flour, orange juice, potato juice, nut powders, etc), favorite aromas (essential oils) and what not – get a fancy or colorful or aromatic scrub for spa effect!

Now, there are those with special requirements like those with combination or sensitive skin. Then you can swap the “abrasive” sugar and salt for softer oatmeal or honey. Again, you have those in your kitchen now, don’t you? Do you know Baking Soda and Kefir are also natural exfoliants?

So, you don’t have to go hunting to find what product works for you. These ingredients given above are problem-free and you can use them without worrying about side effects. You can also check our list of DIY scrub recipes and we will be adding more skin-specific recipes shortly.

Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Don’t worry – we have you covered with organic and all-natural products from Aya Naturals.