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Do you want to know uncommon but effective Anti-Ageing tips that can delay ageing skin signs?

There are different practices around the world and not everyone can know all of them. But some are more effective that others. Here are few tips that have worked wonders to delay ageing skin signs, and can be incorporated by anyone. Ready?

Lift Your Face with a Massage!

Do you know you can give yourself an instant facelift with a massage? The best part – you will get lasting results with it when done regularly. Basically, you drain lymph around your face and that lifts your skin. With efforts and practice, you can even get lift around your brows 😉 What’s not to like about it? There are many videos that show how you can do the massage, here’s one.

Cut Down Inflammation

Wondering how? Have a ½ Spoon of Olive Oil with ¼ Spoon of Turmeric Powder, every morning, first thing! It not only cuts down wrinkles and breakouts, it improves your skin tone and you become healthier, over all. Turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents out there and when combined with Olive Oil, it can do wonders for your skin and health.


We all know moisturizing is an important step. But it is much more! You must ensure your skin ALWAYS moisturized, which means, if you think it is low on moisture between morning and night, feel free to apply it once more! I usually apply moisturizer (Coconut Oil is my favorite) right after shower and once before hitting the bed, though I reapply if needed during the day.

Omega Fatty Acids

Fish Oil Supplements, or even their vegetarian equivalents like for example, Flax Seed Oil are rich in Omega Fatty Acids. They promote cell regeneration and elimination of wastes from the body, so you look and feel younger.


We have all heard 2 – 2.5 liters is a must, but make it 3 liters. Staying hydrated means you make it easy on your body to eliminate toxins. This means, smooth, healthy and toned skin. What’s not to like about it? In less than a week, you will look a lot more radiant. Trust me, it works!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

If you think you can only get that from over the counter products, think again! Citrus Fruits and Veggies, Lactic Acid (Yogurt & Milk), Bitter Almonds, Apples (Malic Acid) are rich in Alpha Hyroxy Acids and do wonders to curb ageing skin signs. Eat them and also use them on your skin to curb ageing skin signs 😉

Enzymes – Papain & Bromelain

Just like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Papain and Bromelain work similarly on your skin. So, use them in your skincare routine and also include them in your diet!

Sun Protection

Just like moisturizing, protecting your sun from UV rays is very important. Excessive UV rays exposure can accelerate skin ageing. So don’t forget to use your sunblock or sunscreen before heading out – you have probably heard this tip already, but it deserves a re-mention.

Grab that Lemon!

Squeeze juice from ¼ Lemon and add it to a glass of warm water and drink up! Do this before you have the Turmeric 😉 The best part – lemons help you beat Cellulite. Cool, isn’t it?

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