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Want to know what Anti-Ageing tips really work? There are myriads of tips out there, some strange, some simple, some difficult. But do they all work?

We’ve already seen a few Uncommon but Effective Anti-Ageing Tips that work in our last post here. Here’s the next part to add to that list.

Lemon Juice

While this looks like it does nothing, this is a great way to reduce cellulite, detox your body and offers loads of other benefits. All these translate into a younger and healthier you. What’s not to like about it? You know what’s best – it is very simple and affordable but works wonders! We’ve already seen about Lemon Juice in the last post too, here’s a little modification to that recipe for those who can add Cinnamon! For those who can’t or don’t want take Cinnamon, just follow Lemon Juice & Water recipe from earlier.

Take juice from ¼ Lemon and add ½ – 1 Glass of Lukewarm – Hot Water and a pinch of Cinnamon (whatever you are comfortable with, a little warm is important and you can go to hot but not boiling hot) and drink this every morning first thing! You can add Honey for a little motivation, if you want!

Water Retention?

Water Retention not only makes one look bloated, it also leaves one feeling heavy often. Eliminating the excess water from your body is very important to get things move along! Diuretics are what you need for that, but it is important to address the cause of the problem in the first place. Isn’t it? Otherwise, you are going to get it all over again!

Refined Foods are a sure shot way to increase Water Retention and that’s the culprit more often. When we say refined foods, we all think white flour, but it is important to understand everything refined is a problem, which includes refined sugar, refined flour, refined salt, refined oils, etc. Yes, we must open our eyes and see what’s happening around us really! There’s lot of hidden sources that we should eliminate and junk foods are often loaded with refined everything!

Now that we have that covered, let’s understand how to eliminate excess water. Cranberry Juice is a great diuretic but also rich in Antioxidants and tastes wonderful. Having ½ Glass of Cranberry juice everyday is all you need!

For those who can’t get a hold of Cranberry, find it pricey, or want something else, try Barley Rice! It is cheap and works wonders to curb Water Retention. You can prepare it like rice, as porridge, add powdered Barley to your milk, soup or cereal, etc.

Oh! Don’t forget to drink Water when you take diuretics and just generally too!

Face Slimming!

I have heard many say Body Weight comes down with diet and exercise, but my face still seems puffed up! Here’s a Face Mask that will bring down puffy face real quick! To a Tbsp. of Coffee Grounds, add Honey to make a thick paste and apply it on your face and massage for a few seconds. Don’t forget notorious areas like Chin, Neck, etc. After a good 20 Minutes, rinse off with tepid water. Just look at yourself in the mirror and see the difference. Do this daily, or thrice a week till you get desired outcome. The best way to use this mask in your shower 😉 to avoid mess!


Not just your face, your entire body is important to look young. Many forget their neck and chest muscles. To keep them toned and firm, do exercises regularly. Particularly, ones that involve some stretching are good.

Want to loosen up the muscles around your neck? Open your mouth fully and stand in front of the mirror making silly faces 😉 few times a week. That’s easy, isn’t it?

Get your Vitamin A & Proteins!

Vitamin A and Protein are important to stay young. Vitamin A rich foods that have Retinol and protein rich foods that feed your muscles and keep them firm are the key to look and feel young. So, don’t forego them.

Follow these tips and stay younger, fitter and healthier. Beauty and health should come from within, and that’s what lasts. So work on it. Also, for nurturing and nourishing your ageing skin, keeping it supple and soft, use Aya Naturals Anti-Ageing Cream.