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Couperose is a skin manifestation and a soothing skin formula can help calm your skin. Want to know more about it?

Couperose is a skin condition where your skin becomes delicate and there’s redness due to broken capillaries closer to your skin. It could be because your capillaries are weak, due to inflammation of internal organs like kidneys or liver, excessive heat, imbalance of your heart, spleen’s inability to regulate blood flow, sun damage, hyperthyroidism, sun damage or even high levels of oestrogen.

It usually appears around one’s nose and is more pronounced in those with paler skin tones. Avoiding coffee, alcohol and spice can help, as they ten to aggravate the condition. Taking Vitamin C supplement and horsetail tea has shown to help. Apply white oak bark tea helps to bring down the inflammation. It is a good idea to avoid extremely hot or cold water, facial steam, harsh cleansers and reduce exposure to sun.


Here’s the recipe you can try to soothe your skin. It is pretty straightforward and easy to try.


Rose EO – 2 Drops
Neroli EO – 3 Drops
Geranium EO – 2 Drops
Chamomile EO – 4 Drops
Rose Hip Seed Oil – 7 Ml
Borage Seed Oil – 10 Drops
Jojoba Oil – 30 Ml
Evening Primrose Oil – 10 Drops


Add all the oils to a sterilized jar and stir gently.

Let it sit for two days and use as needed.

How to Use it?

Just apply the oil to affected areas.

If you find it a strong, you can add a few drops of Carrier Oil to make it lighter before applying.

Shelf Life?

This lasts as long as the oils added last. So check the shelf life of the oils and go with the one that has the shortest. I usually go with six months at most, preparing fresh batches every six months for oil-based recipes.

Why These Ingredients?

The Essential Oils (EO) we’ve chosen are healing, soothing and helps bring down inflammation, irritation and redness.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

I used Jojoba Oil here, though Tamanu, Argan Oil or Coconut Oil works good too. These oils are known for their healing properties.

What Else Can You Do?

You can also do this: Take 30 Ml of Carrier Oil (Argan, Coconut, Tamanu or Jojoba Oils preferred) and add 15 Drops of Cypress EO or Lemon EO, Chamomile EO, Rosemary EO, Bay EO or Rose EO. Let it sit for two days before you apply to your skin. When you don’t have time to prepare the recipe given above and your oil runs out in the interim, you can do this while you get your oil ready.

Rosacea vs. Couperose

Often confused, both these skin conditions are different but have similarities. As a result, they’re often confused and misdiagnosed.

Couperose is a condition where skin gets a flushed look due to broken capillaries and the skin is irritated and delicate.

On the other hand, Rosacea is skin condition that’s chronic and causes flushing around one’s forehead, cheeks, chin, eyelids, etc. There are also small bumps in the affected area.

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