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We were discussing tips for keeping skin soft and healthy during winter. Here are more tips for you, so your skin remains soft, supple and happy come winter!


We have covered face and body scrubs before and spoke a lot about exfoliation. However many think winter is not the best time to do exfoliation. This can’t be further from the truth! It is important to understand that skin sheds dead cells through winter, more so in one’s hands. So when they run overboard, moisture can’t seep through them to reach your skin. That’s one reason why exfoliation is very important – winter or summer.


During winter, we hardly recognize thirst and tend to drink less water. But, thee body will still need water and the minimum water requirement should be met for effective detoxification and elimination of toxins. So, make sure you consume enough water and stay hydrated. It is a good idea to opt for fruits or vegetables, if you can’t have a lot of water. Cantaloupes, Oranges, Cucumbers, Celery are more water content and ideal in such scenarios.

Say NO to Allergens or Irritants

If you have Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis or other skin conditions or known sensitivities, stay away from allergens and irritants of all kinds. Winter can leave your skin vulnerable and prone to flare-ups, so you don’t want to give more options by adding allergens or irritants into the mix. Also, any skin conditions can get aggravated during winters, so adding allergens and irritants can be a worse combination.

Get Enough Nutrition

Researches prove that when immunity is down, skin problems flare-up, so make sure you get enough nutrients. Vitamin C, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Zinc are key nutrients for your skin and immunity.


Using natural masks, cleaners, masks, scrubs and moisturizers are way to get your skin hydrated, nourished, moisturized and cleansed during winter. Basically, you use natural and readily available ingredients to take care of your skin and it is affordable and more useful than what you can buy off counters.

Good masks would be honey, avocado, milk, aloe vera, yogurt, cream, banana, oils, etc. You can either combine these ingredients or use them as is, and get wonderful skin. While honey hydrates, it also cleanses your skin gently. Milk is a great cleanser and exfoliant, while it also moisturizes your skin and leaves it smooth and soft. Like that, every ingredient has its place, including oils that can cleanse and moisturize your skin.

Change Your Skin Care Products

If you are using skincare products, change them according to the season. For example, cleansers that use Salicylic Acid can be swapped for moisturizing cleansers, etc. It is important to determine what products work for your skin, and for what season – your routine for winter is different from summer, same goes for products too.

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