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Getting something right with sensitive skin can seem tricky, but don’t panic. The key is giving it TLC – Tender Loving Care. Wondering how?

The term Sensitive Skin isn’t a technical term, rather, an umbrella term that denotes skin that’s easily aggravated or irritated. It is important to understand that Sensitive Skin is usually dry, though the intensity or the problems vary with every individual.

Some have more blemishes, some just have excessive dryness, for some it could be reddishness or skin’s tendency to get irritate easily. It varies, but few things remain common. So, let’s see what you can do. Shall we?

Stay Away from Harsh Products

Don’t use harsh cleansers, soaps or other products that are laden with chemicals. These tend to aggravate or irritate skin easily. With a sensitive skin, you would do well to stay miles away from those!

Use Products Designed for Sensitive Skin

If and when you use skin care or beauty products on your skin, always make sure they’re meant for sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic. These are usually milder and don’t tend to irritate or aggravate your skin.

Be Gentle

This goes without saying, but I would like to say again – be gentle with your skin. If you have to exfoliate, do it gently, same goes for cleansing or toweling off. Don’t pull or drag your fingers or abrasives harshly across your skin, even more so, for sensitive areas like under your eyes.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection

Irrespective of how long you stay out, don’t forget to put on your sunscreen. Sensitive skin will suffer more with sun exposure, so always use sun protection. I can’t stress this enough – if you want go an oil-free formula if you feel they’re greasy, but you can’t skip sun protection – EVER.


Like mentioned earlier, Sensitive Skin is often dry skin that’s easily irritated. So, never skip your moisturizer. In some cases, just moisturizing would keep the skin soothed and sated.

Cleanse Diligently

While you might think leaving your skin alone is good, it isn’t really and accumulated dirt and grime will only complicate your problem. Instead, use gentle cleansing and exfoliating products meant for Sensitive Skin, or better still, go for natural ingredients like Oatmeal.

Watch Want You Eat!

Sometimes, Sensitive Skin is often a result of what you eat – for example, those with certain food allergies can notice flare-up in skin when they consume them. So, if you notice aggravations without a case, think about what you ate and see if you were allergic to something.

Less is More!

Anything can overwhelm Sensitive Skin. So keep your products to a bare minimum and use what’s needed and skip the rest. You will need moisturizer, sunscreen and cleanser for most part, and may be depending on your skin requirements, toner. So, choose what your products wisely.

Stay Hydrated!

Drink enough water! This is important – dry skin can be due to lack of adequate hydration. So keep yourself hydrated. Also, adequate hydration is important for skin and body to flush out toxins, which also means fewer problems. So, just drink up!

We would be adding natural remedies for Sensitive Skin soon – Stay Tuned! Don’t have time for preparing your own natural DIY Skin Care and Beauty Products? Check Aya Naturals Skin Care and Face Care Ranges for your requirements.