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Pregnancy and motherhood bring so much joy to our life but unfortunately accompanied with the beautiful and natural stages of Pregnancy come also the stretch marks that are present once we give birth. Aya natural understands the natural phases our skin goes through the best, and formulates its products accordingly using only the finest highest quality 100% natural ingredients found, and that are safe to use while your pregnant…

What are Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, also known as Striae, are created when your body is growing faster than your skin. As a result the elastic fibers under the surface of your skin break, and that’s when stretch marks appear.

A growing fast stomach which happens during pregnancy can leave you with these unwanted stretch marks. They can appear on your stomach, thighs, buttocks, and even your upper arms. These stretch marks often start out purplish red, but after we give birth they gradually turn into a white or grayish color. So, what can we do about them? AYA’s natural pregnancy stretch marks butter is the perfect solution!

Aya Natural Pregnancy Stretch Marks Butter:

AYA’s 100% Natural unique concentrated body butter for the prevention & removal stretch marks has the ability to tighten your skin and restore it back to firm toned skin during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks over time disappear or at least diminish greatly in the areas you treat with this unique body butter.

Aya’s Natural Stretch Marks Body Butter is specifically formulated to replenish moisture and promote elasticity for your skin as it stretches while accommodating your little bundle of joy. This butter was formulated to bring you all-natural vitamins and minerals, with no artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals, so even if it’s applied several times a day, you know it’s safe for you, and for your baby!

You’ll love the light lavender scent that soothes the skin leaving the area you apply it to soft and silky. This is where the pampering takes place and you well deserve it. Its not easy going through a pregnancy and AYA understands that the best by making your skin smooth and happy, while preventing stretch marks as much as possible during your pregnancy and helping to diminish them or eliminating them completely after birth.

Aya Natural Stretch Marks Removal Key Benefits:

  1. 100% Natural, paraben Free, and free from harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients making it safe to use during pregnancy and after birth.
  2. Preventing and diminishing stretch marks – Skin nourishing shea butter, cocoa butter and herbal oils promote skin elasticity, toning and firming the skin thus diminishing and preventing stretch marks.
  3. Uplifting light lavender scent pampers your senses.
  4. Makes a wonderful perfect gift for a Mother to Be!

What Do People Say About Aya Natural Tummy Butter?

The Aya Natural Stretch Marks Body Butter is specifically designed to prevent, diminish and remove pregnancy stretch marks, the natural & safe way – For you and your baby… See below the testimonials of both Sharon and Nicole about their experience with this unique butter:

“This cream smells soooo good! I got it for my stretch marks. My skin tends to be super dry and I don’t need any more ugly marks! The packaging on this is really nice and the bottle is nice and solid. When I opened it, I could instantly smell the nice lavender smell. This stuff smells so much better than cocoa butter. I couldn’t stand that smell, especially when pregnant. You are always so sensitive to smells.”

“The body butter is in semi solid form and as with any body butter it is meant to soften the skin. I have been using this for 3 days and have to say my skin feels soft and smells good. I think it helps by minimizes the effects of stretching, or helps your skin out by giving it a little extra help but really some women just get the stretch marks.”

“After having kids my body has taken a huge beating with stretch marks. I been using this 2x a day and no my stretch marks haven’t completely went away, but they have become a whole lot lighter. This treatment also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Smooth skin and lighter stretch marks, I’m winning. I will continue this treatment to get my body ready for summer. This is an awesome product and I am amazed at it effectiveness…”

How to Use Aya Natural Stretch Mark Prevention Butter?

Apply and massage to the front and sides of your tummy during pregnancy, and apply after birth to any noticeable stretch marks that appear anywhere on the body. Use everyday and every night to obtain optimal results…

Aya Natural Stretch Marks Butter Extra Tips:

To rid and prevent stretch marks use the product twice a day for the entire length of your pregnancy and for 2-3 months after birth!

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Aya Natural Pregnancy Stretch Marks Body Butter