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We’re looking at makeup hacks and tricks everyone must know. Along those lines, here’s more to add to your haul!

Forgot to buy eyeliner and you’ve run out of the old one? No worries! Have Mascara? Let it do double duty 😉 Just line your upper lashes with a liner brush and voila, you’re all set. If you have interesting Mascara colors instead of the classic black, it is all the more better!

Don’t have time to go all out with your makeup? Or you just don’t feel like it? No worries! Just spruce up your lips or your eyes – A good idea would be to go with eyes. I suggest grooming your brows and using Mascara. Voila!

Want fuller lips? Nope, you don’t have to use a plumper always. Just use a light colored pencil on your lips – in the center. Then, cover it up with your lipstick. All good!

Oily skin? Nope, you don’t have to skip makeup. Just avoid shimmer. Shimmer can make your already oily skin worse, since oily skin shines naturally. However, if you like some shimmer, use them on your eyes. No harm, no foul!

Do you know blending sponges can come in handy for makeup? Yes, they not only make your finish even, they also keep your makeup finish professional. I am partial towards the egg shaped ones, as you can use them on nooks and crannies! That’s handy for contouring. Also the broader side is good for blending in your makeup, especially when you layer them – blush, contour, highlighter, etc.

Fair skin? Yes, bronzer can be real tricky for you. Just go with a peach blush and use that instead of a traditional bronzer. This way, it would warm your complexion and look natural.

Is your blusher smashed up? I just add a few drops of saline solution and smooth it out. After a few minutes, it is good as new!

Is your eye shadow broken? Don’t worry! Make your own lip gloss with it by adding a carrier oil to it! You can also use petroleum jelly, instead.

Do you know your hair dryer can be used in creative ways? My friend uses it to heat up my lash curler! Just let it cool down a tad before using it on your lashes. When you heat your curler a bit, the curls last longer. What’s not to like about it?

Is your compact powder crumbled? No worries! Wrap the compact box in a plastic cover, or just remove the compact powder contents and add it to a plastic cover. Now, crush the powder till it crumbles fully. Put it back in your compact jar and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to it. Mix well and smooth it out using a plastic cover and press down. Let it dry out for a bit and use again!

Don’t want to use rubbing alcohol to restore your compact powder? No worries, after you add everything to your compact jar, just place your iron box over it and press down! Make sure to use steam, if possible. Do that twice and you are all set!

These are just a few makeup hacks for you. Stay tuned for more! Have you tried anything from our DIY Recipes? Feel free to let us know your feedback, comments for improvement, or recipes that you would love to see here! If you don’t have time to prepare your own makeup products, try Gaya Cosmetics – their mineral makeup products are the real deal!