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Winter is around the corner. Long chilly days will mean, a twist in your makeup and skincare routine. Here are few tips to look gorgeous throughout the winter!

Come winter, skin can be left flaky, dry and often, lusterless. But the good news is that – you can look impeccable with a few simple changes in your routine. The key is making changes to your routine according to the season. So, here’s how you can do makeup during the winter months.

We all know, we should make changes according to the weather, be it food or clothing. Now, we’re adding skincare and makeup to the list, as looks do matter. We all love to look good and keep ourselves healthy. Isn’t it?


First, let’s talk about lipsticks. Make sure you moisturize your lips before applying any lip makeup, including lipstick. There are moisturizing lipsticks, lip creams, etc. Even so, always apply a lip balm or oil before you apply makeup. A good idea would be to apply the moisturizer (lip balm / oil) and massage your lips and wipe off excess. This way, you lips are ready for makeup! Lips often turn dry and chapped, so making sure you don’t dry out your lips is important for that perfect pout!

Now, dark colors like burgundy, red or even dark pink and chocolate can go well during winter. Irrespective of your skin tone or color, these colors usually work well for most. Those with tanned skin can opt for berry, or warm red, while olive skin tone goes well with pinks, reds or even nude.

Eye shadow

Eyes are what make or break your looks. So, it is important to choose the right eye makeup. Silver is a classic winter color, though brown or cinnamon works well too. Just make sure you apply a moisturizer before you apply makeup, so your skin doesn’t turn dry and parched. If you have eye serum or cream, it is ideal, or any moisturizer would do for the eyes. But don’t skip this important step if you don’t want your skin to turn out dry and makeup becoming flaky.


Now, let’s look at Eyeliner. If you want to look bright, but not much of makeup, they say sprucing up one’s eyes and lips alone will do the trick. That makes eyeliner an important part of makeup routine. It is a good idea to experiment with your eyeliner, especially during winter. We all know black is what we all go for usually, but have you tried dark brown, dark blue or even dark green? They all look great and suits dull winter, and when teamed up with a tinted eye shadow and lighter shade of lipstick, you can get heads turn!

Blush / Bronzer

As mentioned earlier, moisturizing is the key during winter. Right after cleansing and toning, make sure you apply your moisturizer. Now, for the cheeks. Since it isn’t summer, it is not ideal to wear a bronzer, though you can add a hint of it to your cheeks. This way, you can sport the blushing bride look 😉 As for a blusher, cream one works better, as it doesn’t dry out your skin.

These are just a few tips to get you started, though we will be adding more tips for you. Don’t have time to prepare your own DIY Beauty Recipes? If you are looking at mineral makeup, try Gaya Cosmetics for your beauty or makeup requirements.