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We all use makeup, but some tricks really make things easier. So, here are few tricks and hacks everyone must know!

Do you know you can fill your brows with your eye shadow? Just groom your brows and then, use an angled brush to apply the eye shadow on your brows. Groom with a spoolie brush to blend in the eye shadow and finish with a brow gel. Voila, all set!

Want to use your eye shadow that’s a great color on your lashes? Just take a small dollop of eye shadow powder and add hair styling gel to it. Now, mix well and apply using your mascara wand! Using this trick you can get any color mascara, even add some shimmer! You can use aloe vera gel, if you don’t have or want to use styling gel.

Want to prepare your own brow pomade? Well, it is really easy! Take a matte eye shadow of your choice, one that matches your brows or a shade lighter. Now, add styling gel, or grooming clay and mix well. Use a mascara wand to apply it to your brows. Done!

Want your eye shadows to be more prominent? Color your lid white and then apply your eye shadow. Cool right?

Wondering what to do to get an intense finish from your eye pencil? No worries. Just show the point of your eyeliner pencil to a heat source, like an open flame from candle or even your hair dryer works! Now, try using it. You will get an intense color with smudge 😉

Do you spend a fortune on Lip Venom? Don’t worry, here’s an easier and affordable way to plump lips! Do you have peppermint essential oil handy? Just add a few drops to your lip gloss and use it instead.

Want your lipstick to last longer? Apply your lipstick and then, hold a tissue over it. Dust powder on the tissue. Done!

Want winged look? Instead of going with the flow and getting an unsatisfactory finish, draw an outline and then fill in. This way, the line will be more precise.

Do you use Mascara? After you apply your first coat, take a bud, dip it in translucent powder and run it along your lashes. Now, apply your second coat. Not only will you get a fuller look, your Mascara will last longer.

Don’t worry about eye shadow. Instead, apply your gel eyeliner along your lashes and blend in for budge-proof coverage that lasts longer!

Don’t want to do make-up? No worries, full your brows and that will make a whole lot of difference, than going makeup free fully.
Love smokey eyed look? Apply using one brush and blend with another. This way, your finish will look clean.

Don’t have blush? No worries! Rub your fingers along your pink lipstick and use it on your cheeks. Blend using your fingers.

Do you test your foundation on your hands? Don’t! Test them on your neck if you want a shade that’s a true match for your skin, instead of looking like there’s no connect between your neck and face.

Puffy eyes? Refrigerate your eye cream and use it, as it will bring down the inflammation real quick.

These are just a few makeup hacks and tricks. Stay tuned for more and share your tips with us. Don’t have time for preparing your own beauty products? Try Gaya Cosmetics for your beauty requirements.