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Is your skin feeling dry and ‘worn out’? Is your skin’s complexion dull and lifeless?
Indulge your senses and De-stress your skin with the Aya’s 100% Natural Jasmine body lotion moisturizer for dry skin – You will soon change how you feel…

Aya Natural Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin:

Calm, soothe, and De-stress your skin & turn ‘worn out’ skin into glowing radiant skin!
The Jasmine has the natural property to calm the nerves, reduces stress, and lifts your mood.

When its combined with jojoba, sweet almond, avocado and essential oils that nourish and revive your skin, you have a powerful body lotion that not only changes your skin’s complexion but changes how you feel throughout the day.

Aya Natural Jasmine Body Lotion Description:

Aya’s natural, 100% Vegan, jasmine Body lotion is the perfect blend of high quality Galilean olive, jojoba, and almond oils that Contain Vitamins hydrated Rich in vitamin A and E, Minerals, essential fatty acids, Antioxidants and Omega-3. All the things your Skin Needs to repair and to restore a healthy glow back into your skin.

Your skin’s complexion will be radian t and youthful once again, and the lotion also defends your skin protecting it against dryness or cracking. The jasmine known for calming the serves and reducing stress makes this body lotion especially unique De-stressing, soothing, and calming your skin will make you feel that you went to a day spa and pampered yourself.

Aya Natural Jasmine Body Lotion Key Benefits:

  1. Non-Greasy 100% Natural Body Lotion – Absorbs rapidly into the skin- repair and nourish your skin without a greasy or heavy cream. This light nourishing lotion gets quickly absorbed into your skin.
  2. Locks in Moisture – Your skin will be well hydrated, fresh, and well moisturized throughout the day.
  3. Repairs and Restores Dry Skin – Continued everyday use will restore your skins natural balance, while repairing dryness and improving your skin’s complexion and texture.
  4. Jasmine Indulge your senses, lift your mood, and relax. Jasmine calms, smooths, and De-stresses your skin. You body will give off a beautiful light scent of Jasmine throughout the day.

What People Say About Aya Natural Jasmine Lotion?

The Aya Natural Jasmine body lotion moisturizer is based on herbal extracts essential oils with jasmine oil. See below Martha’s experience with the jasmine relaxing scent:

“Oh my gosh this smells heavenly. My skin feels and smells so soft using it right after my shower. This lotion smells good, feels good and is full of nothing but goodness.”

The Aya Natural Jasmine body lotion for dry skin is non greasy rich cream to effectively moisturize your skin. See below Annie’s testimony after using the lotion:

“This is a very nice lotion. It’s a nice size, just a little over 8 ounces which will last a while. It doesn’t take much of it to moisturize my skin which I like. It rubs in and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling like some lotions do… a little bit of luxury!”

How to Use the Aya Natural Jasmine Body Lotion?

After showering apply a small amount of lotion to your skin massaging it in circular motions till its completely absorbed, quick strokes with your hand will help with your skins circulation. Begin with your hands and then work your way down to your feet…

Aya Natural Jasmine Body Lotion Extra Tips:

Combine this unique dry skin body lotion with Aya Natural foot cream for a complete treatment from head to toe!

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Aya Natural Jasmine Body Lotion