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Shea Butter is one of the key ingredients in Aya Naturals Products and also, one of the repeated ingredients in our DIY Recipes. Why is Shea Butter special? Want to know more about this ingredient?

Shea Butter is often dubbed as skin’s best friend. But that’s not where it ends. Do you know we can also use it for hair? Rich in Vitamin A, Shea Butter is known for its healing, rejuvenating and moisturizing properties.

Vitamin A Rich

Like Vitamin E, Vitamin A holds a special place in skin care. It helps with a lot of skin problems and conditions including but not limited to Dermatitis, Wrinkles, Blemishes, Scars, Eczema, etc.


A rich and natural moisturizer, Shea Butter is one of the best moisturizers for your skin. The moisturizers produced by our glands is similar to the moisturizers in Shea Butter making it ideal for your skin.


Rich in healing properties and abilities to treat skin allergies, sunburns, insect bites, frostbites and numerous other skin problems go away when you use Shea Butter regularly. Many have said that Shea Butter not only promotes healing but also accelerates the rate of healing.

Unlike other seed oils, Shea Butter is known for its healing faction. Every seed oil goes through faction. The first one is called saponification fraction or moisturizing faction. The second one is called healing faction. It is this faction that has most nutrients and phytonutrients. Healing faction can be anywhere from 5% to 17% if the butter is really good! Most seed oils don’t have that high healing faction, which is why Shea Butter offers most healing benefits.

Vitamin E

Shea Butter also has Vitamin E, also dubbed as the skin vitamin. There’s no wonder it does loads for skin. Anti-ageing is just one benefit associated with it. It is also a free radical agent and improves microcirculation, resulting in improved blood circulation and delayed ageing. It is also said to curb sun-inflicted or environmental damage.

Cinnamic Acid

It is important to remember that the benefits of Shea Butter vary with the quality of butter. When whole, the benefits are intact. For example: One ingredient in Shea Butter is Cinnamic Acid, which is close to cinnamon (yes, the one we use in kitchen). However, when Shea Butter is bounded, this ingredient remains intact. But if it is treated or degraded in anyway, the intensity of the acid goes down and the healing benefits along with it. Then, only the moisturizing benefits remain.

Nutrient Rich

Not just Vitamin A and E, Shea Butter is a nutrient powerhouse. Do you know Raw Shea Butter is rich in many nutrients like Oleic Acid and Stearic Acids in the ratio of 40 – 45% and 30 – 41% respectively? Pamitic Acid is another 5 – 9 % and then there’s 4 – 5% of Linoleic Acid. It is important to note that all these nutrients are retained only when Shea Butter is extracted through Cold Pressed Method and without Chemical additives or the like.

That’s not all! We will learn more about Shea Butter in our upcoming posts. Until then, let us know about your DIYing and what Aya Products you tried and loved.