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We were talking about Jojoba Oil for skincare and the many ways it can be used, recently. As promised, here’s the next part.

Body Lotion

When you read the title Body Lotion, you would probably think that it involves some preparation, but guess what? You can use Jojoba Oil as is, to moisturize your skin. Applying it right after your shower is the best way to get the most of it, though you can apply it whenever you need – like when you skin is dry or irritated, etc.

Makeup Remover

Do you know you can remove your makeup with Jojoba Oil? Yes, not just Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil works too. The best part – you can remove waterproof and long stay makeup with Jojoba. Since it is chemical-free, it is a great way to get rid of eye makeup like Mascara, or lipstick, cheek stains, etc.

Beard Softener

Does the razor leave your skin red and burning every time you shave? No worries! Apply some Jojoba Oil on your beard, or body hair and let it sit for a few minutes. Now, when you use your razor to shave off your beard or hair, it will come out easily and your skin won’t look worse for wear.


Do you know you don’t need a hair conditioner if you use Jojoba Oil? Besides, it will replenish your scalp’s moisture and nutrients, leaving your hair soft and shiny. If you have dandruff or other hair problems including hair or scalp dryness, Jojoba Oil can work wonders for your hair and scalp.


If your hair getting tangled often? Is frizz a constant problem for you? Worry not. Take a few drops of Jojoba Oil and apply on your hair. Now, gently detangle your hair and style it. It will be easy to detangle and your hair will look shiny and there will be no trace of frizz. This works even for curly hair, not just straight or wavy hair.

Hair Serum

Do you know Jojoba Oil can also be used as your hair serum? Numerous reasons contribute to hair loss, with a few being drugs (prescription medicines), health problems including nutrient deficiencies, stress, lack of hair care, etc. When hair loss becomes consistent, it affects hair growth rate. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, Jojoba Oil can curb hair loss and promote hair growth. Besides, it also prevents split ends, hair damage and keeps your scalp healthy.

In more ways than one, Jojoba Oil can bring about a positive change in your hair and skin health. All you have to do is, use it regularly. You don’t have to bathe with it or apply it liberally; just a few drops should suffice.

Jojoba has been used by Native Americans for centuries for their skincare and hair care requirements. Basically, they prepared a paste from the nuts and used it for their skin and hair, while the whole nuts were used as part of their diet.

The best aspect that makes Jojoba Oil unique and different from other vegetable fat and oils is that, this is a wax but closely resembles skin serum. This way, it is readily accepted and absorbed by the skin. It is light, and remains in liquid form due to its light melting point.

With so many benefits to offer, it is no surprise that Jojoba Oil is one of the key ingredients of Aya Naturals skincare and face care range.