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Dry or chapped lips can be uncomfortable, painful and often, embarrassing. Do you know you don’t need pricey lip care products for dealing with dry and chapped lips?

Let’s take a look at a few options to deal with dry and chapped lips, naturally.


Our body is made of 70% of water, a reason consuming less water affects us in more ways than one. Dry and chapped lips are often due to dehydration – lack of water. So, what should you do? Consume enough water of course!

Sometimes, life is very simple. Our body lets us know our mistakes gently but when we don’t heed, it becomes a problem. Why allow that? Drink enough water and bid adieu to dehydration, eventually dry and chapped lips.


Oil is an emollient and can soften and smooth your skin, so your lips will no longer be dry and (or) chapped. Most oils have moisturizing properties too, so that’s an added benefit. Healing and soothing, Coconut Oil is one of the best oils for this purpose. Besides, it is available in most countries and quite affordable.

Besides Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, or even Olive Oil are good options. You can choose the oil that is available locally and is affordable for you, or go based on the properties and how it works for you.

Clarified Butter

While butter can work wonders for dry or chapped lips, Ghee is a lot better and works wonders when used once or twice, in most cases. It has healing properties, so prevents further damage. The moisturizing properties soothe your skin and keeps dryness and chapped lips at bay.


Moisturizing and healing, butter is ideal for dry and chapped lips. While cooking butter works well, Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter work equally good if not better!

Aloe Vera

Moisturizing, Hydrating and Healing, Aloe Vera Gel can do wonders for dry or chapped lips. Just apply it as is, or combine it with other ingredients and apply on your lips for getting soft and supple lips.


Hydrating and Healing, Honey can soothe and heal your dry and chapped lips in no time. Just apply this tasty delicacy on your lips and let it work its magic. I have noticed good difference in a few minutes.

Rose Petals

We all know Rose Petals are soft to touch. Do you know they can moisturize and heal effectively? Make a paste with raw milk and few Rose Petals and apply this on your lips. Wash off after 15 minutes for softer lips. Repeat as needed.


Dry and chapped lips often need to be dealt with in two steps. Exfoliation being the first. This gets rid of the dry and flaky layers and prepares it for treatment. Make a quick and easy lip scrub with ¼ Tsp. Sugar, a few drops of Oil and a few drops of Honey. Gently massage your lips with this mixture. You can use your brush to brush off the layers gently and then, wash off. Now, apply one of the above given options for healing your lips.

These are just a few natural ways to deal with dry and chapped lips, the right way. Don’t have time for DIY Remedies and Recipes? Use Aya Naturals for your skin and face care requirements.