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In this series, we will be looking more about applying makeup the right way, what to use and how, etc.

We all use makeup from time to time. The intensity or frequency of use varies, but almost all of us use one makeup product or the other. Today, we’re going to look Mineral Makeup, considering the soaring popularity and wide acceptance of mineral cosmetics.

Mineral Makeup is gaining popularity because they’re ideal for those with oily or acne-prone skin and sensitive skins. It is said that using mineral makeup keeps acne outburst triggered due to the use of cosmetics at bay, since they blend with oil and not water. It is also soothing on the skin, so ideal for those with sensitive skin.

So, let’s take a look at how to use them. Shall we? Most mineral makeup uses fewer ingredients and is highly pigmented. This means, little goes a long way!

With mineral makeup, blending is the key. Start with a light layer and then, add more for but really blend well.

Is your makeup looking too concentrated or dense? Add a dash of sericite to make it a tad lighter or subtle.

Do you know you can use mineral makeup in different states: You can use them dry, wet or you can mix them with your lotion or foundation, etc.

When you want to use the mineral makeup wet, you either use water or a mixing medium. After you mix well, use a brush to apply. For example: You can add a dash of your face lotion to mineral foundation powder for a little coverage, though sunscreens, lotions or even serums work well, too. However, just mix what you need, so the remaining makeup will stay bacteria-free and there are no leftovers. Never add the medium to the entire powdered makeup.

Do you know makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly? You probably do it every now and then, but washing it weekly is paramount. You have to get a bowl of hot water and dip in the bristles. Once the bristles are wet, apply a small dollop face wash or antibacterial soap and gently clean the bristles in a circular motion. Rinse, clean, rinse and clean and continue the cycle till the bristles are fully clean. Remember – only we the bristles as the heat can get the glue off hinges and the bristles will no longer remain in your brush, if that happens!

Do you know you can have a makeup base and pigments and other ingredients and whip up your own mineral makeup anytime you want? We will be adding makeup bases soon, so you can try and do that yourself ☺ Until then, try our DIY Beauty Recipes and when you don’t have time, Gaya Mineral Makeup to look fabulous!