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Do you want an ancient herbal body bath powder that works wonders for your skin? It is easy to prepare and it works! Ready for the recipe?

This is an Ayurvedic recipe and there are different variations to choose from – depending on your requirement, availability of ingredients, etc. Here’s a simple recipe you can use though we will be adding more variations to choose from.


Wild Turmeric Powder – 100 Gms.
Tree Turmeric Powder – 100 Gms.
White Turmeric Powder – 100 Gms.
Chickpea Flour – 500 Gms.
Moong Gram Flour – 200 Gms.
Avaram Senna Flowers – 100 Gms. (Ground)
Babchi Seed Flour – 50 Gms.
Sandalwood Powder – 20 Gms.
Neem Leaves Powdered – 50 Gms.
Indian Nettle Leaves Powdered – 50 Gms.
Vetiver – 10 Gms.
Rose Petals – 25 Gms.


All these ingredients are available in powdered form and it is easier getting them that way, unless you have a commercial grinding mill close to your home.

Just combine these ingredients and use as your skin wash powder.

Shelf Life

This lasts for more than six months when bottled in a sterilized jar and you don’t let water or moisture seep in. Always use a dry spoon to scoop out contents and don’t use your hands or fingers – it lasts longer that way.

How to Use It?

You can make a paste using Water and it suits most skin types.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can use Milk or Cream or Yogurt.

If you have oily skin, you can use Rose Water.

Apply this paste all over your body and scrub gently using a natural fiber. Wait for a minute or two, gently massage (optional) and wash off with tepid or lukewarm water.

Who Can Use This?

This mixture is more suited for girls or women, due to Turmeric – curbs body hair growth. We will add a recipe for men and soon!

Why These Ingredients?

This herbal powder is a comprehensive and complete skin solution. It prevents skin disorders, heals them, nourishes and nurtures your skin, delays ageing skin signs, lightens marks and scars, makes your skin radiant, etc.

The fragrance is feminine and a combination of musky and floral, though some say it is woodsy or herbal. Basically, the fragrance will vary with the ingredients, proportion of the ingredients, etc.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

If you don’t get the different types of turmeric, or you get just one, you can use that. You don’t need all the types, though each has a unique specialty.

If you have sensitive skin, dry skin or skin that tends to become dry or flaky easily, reduce or replace Chickpea flour with Green Gram flour.

Babchi Seed Flour, Powdered Neem Leaves and Powdered Indian Nettle Leaves are typically added for preventing or dealing with skin problems. If you want to tone it down a notch, you can skip Nettle Leaves Powder.

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