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Is your skin extremely dry, itchy, irritated or prickly?
Wouldn’t you just love to have a remedy that could just rid of these undesirable annoying skin problems and at the same time promote a healthy smooth appearance to your skin? Now you can own a silky smooth healthy skin with the 100% natural Aya’s Nourishing Butter…

Repair Your Skin And Restore Its Healthy Glow!

How about going barefoot at the pool, wearing that bikini at the beach, or that mini skirt that shows off your legs? It is no longer a dream, beautiful skin is achievable when repairing your skin with Aya Natural’s high quality exceptional nourishing butter.

Aya Natural Nourishing Butter for Dry Itchy Skin:

This 100% natural blend of Plant-based herbal Ingredients combining ancient remedies with modern science, brings you an exceptional product that have the natural properties of healing and providing fast relief for dry, cracked, itchy and damaged skin and restoring it to healthier, smoother, and beautiful looking skin.

AYA’s 100% natural nourishing butter is an extremely thick (no water) non-greasy butter. This unique product manages to penetrate deep and combats some of our worst skin problems out there, and best of all, it can be used anywhere you need it – From head to toe your skin can now be flawless by applying this butter whenever and wherever necessary!

Aya Natural Skin Nourishing Butter Key Benefits:

  1. Quick relief for itchy irritated cracked skin, after first application manages to soothe damaged skin repairing it and healing the skin area.
  2. This Nourishing skin butter has the 100% natural properties to repair some of the worst skin symptoms that are associated with extremely dry skin, such as red irritated skin blotches, prickly bumpy skin, cracked and scaly skin.
  3. NON Greasy, yet extremely effective 100% natural solution – Fast Deep Absorption into Skin Helps Your Skin Look Silky & Smooth without Feeling Greasy.
  4. Rich and Concentrated Body Butter Moisturizer, so a small amount lasts you a long time. Can treat your skin over time until you reach the desired effect.

What People Say About Aya Natural Nourishing Butter?

The Aya Natural Nourishing Skin Butter is an exceptional natural product to relieve a set of skin problems… See below Dan’s experience with the butter:

“Amazing Skincare Product – A MUST HAVE!!!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!!! I have really dry feet, I know yuck, but after just one application, my feet were smooth and soft as my 2 year olds!!! This is amazing!”

Aya Natural Eczema treatment & relief will deeply moisturize and lock the moisture in to give you the best nutrients your skin lacks. See below Mona’s testimony with this skin butter:

“If you have extremely dry skin like I do, it’s hard to find a lotion that provides the right amount of moisture and not be overly greasy. I love the silky texture of this body butter. The scent of lavender is very nice, not too strong, just right. Lavender has a natural calming effect and it suits the body butter just right.”

How to Use the Aya Natural Nourishing Skin Butter?

Apply a small amount of body butter to your fingertips and apply wherever needed massaging gently in circular motions into your skin until its fully absorbed. For best results use twice daily morning and night…

Aya Natural Itchy Skin Butter Extra Tips:

BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP Apply to cracked and damaged skin on heels or ankles and then put on a pair of socks. You won’t recognize your feet in the morning when you take off your socks. In addition, you may apply to dry hands, then put on gloves before going to sleep, you won’t recognize your hands in the morning!

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Aya Natural Eczema Relief