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Apply Lipstick

Lipstick is a product women and girls use everyday, and the list of chemicals in lipstick is sickening! Do you want to give commercial lipstick a boot and try a DIY recipe that works equally well without all those pesky chemicals?

Preparing your own lipstick is pretty easy. There are different ways to do it. We will see a few options. You can choose what ingredients suits you better and use it.


Cocoa Butter – 1 Tbsp.
Beeswax – 1 Tbsp.
Jojoba Oil – 1 Tbsp.


In a double boiler, bring the butters to melt. It would take a few seconds at most, since we are using small quantities here. Add Jojoba Oil and remove from heat.

You can use this as a clear lipstick, or add colors to make it more appealing. Whatever colors you are adding, you can add once you remove from heat.

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Mix well and transfer to lip balm tubes when it is still liquid. Once it cools down, it will solidify.

Use as needed.


Tips to Tweak The Recipe

The basic recipe listed above is thoroughly moisturizing and nourishing. It makes your lips fuller and softer.

The cocoa butter gives a nice chocolate aroma to the lipstick. You can add an essential oil of your choice for fragrance.

You can substitute the butter / oil / wax if you have other preferences. I prefer Shea Butter and use Cocoa Butter during winter, or for a change. I also try other butters and oils and combinations from time to time, to find out what suits me best.

My friends prefer melting high quality wax crayons and using it as lipstick! For this, you need to pick crayons of your favorite hue, melt it and add olive oil or coconut oil and any fragrance of your choice. Now, fill in the lipstick tubes and let it set. Voila!

Colouring Options

We have already covered the basic recipe and when you should be adding colors if you are planning to add. Let’s take a look at options we have to make the lipstick lively. Shall we?

Mineral Lipstick Active Moisturizing Formula – 512 Shade Intense Long Lasting Vibrant Stunning Full Luscious Soft Lips - In a 4.5gr Tube

Maroon shade – You can use beetroot powder.
Pink Shade – Beetroot Powder, lesser quantity or Pomegranate Powder
Light Red Shade – Strawberry extract / Powder
Berry Shade – Dehydrated Berry Powder of your choice. Blur or black berries give a mild purple or violet hue.
Brown – Cocoa Powder
Turmeric – Can be added to brown for varying the shade.
Cinnamon – Gives a mild shimmer and can be added for brown or maroon colors.
Food Color – If you want other colors, or not comfortable with the results of the above options, you can choose food colors.
Shimmer – If you don’t prefer matt lipstick and want shimmer, you can opt for mica. They come in different shades, so you can choose one to go with the shade you are preparing.
Matt Effect – Adding ½ Tsp. of Bentonite Clay gives a nice matt finish.

While all these options are good, I always prefer the natural color options like beetroot or berry powders, etc. You can use high quality food colors for shades that aren’t otherwise easy. You can also use cosmetic pigments for better shade and finish, though I restrict it for special occasions. Don’t have time for DIY recipes? Use Gaya Lipstick for getting kissable lips anytime!