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Want to prepare your own Lip Gloss without using artificial color pigments? What about beets?

The luscious and catchy beetroot pigment is sure a treat for the sore eyes. I love the deep-pigmented maroon tint that beetroot has and the best part, it really goes well with most skin tones.

We have all probably rubbed beets along our lips for fun when young, as access to lipstick was probably denied 😉 The good thing – you can do that even now and get great results.

I had a stash of beetroot powder and decided to give a shot, as beet juice has a limited shelf life. So, here’s how I did it.


Beet Root Powder – 1 Tsp.
Shea Butter – 1 Tsp.
Coconut Oil – 1 Tbsp.


In your double boiler, melt the Shea Butter and Coconut Oil together.

When fully melted, remove from heat.

Add beet powder and keep stirring till combined.

Once combined, run through fine sieve and get rid of any particles that aren’t fine and transfer to a sterilized jar.

Refrigerate to set, or just let it cool down in room temperature.


Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use any carrier oil including Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, etc.

You can also use Cocoa Butter instead of Shea Butter and a dash of Beeswax for a firmer consistency.

Feel free to add more or less of beetroot powder depending on your requirement or preference.

If you want a healing gloss, you can also add Lanolin along with or instead of Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter.

Add a few drops of Vitamin E Oil for added benefits and also as a natural preservative.

You can also use dehydrated berries along with or instead of beetroot for the gloss.

You can also use other natural pigments like Rose Petals, Pomegranate Powder, Berry Powders, etc.

Making Beetroot Powder

Peel and slice the beetroots – as thin as you can.

If you have dehydrator screen, use it. It takes a few hours to a night in most cases.

You can also use your oven for dehydrating the beets. The beets look darker when using an oven, but look bright after I powder it. However, if you are uncomfortable, opt for Beetroot Powder from Organic Stores.

Toss the dried slices into your coffee grinder and grind to a fine powder.

You can sieve it to ensure uniform and fine consistency.

Store this powder in a dry and airtight container.

How to Use Your Gloss?

I usually use a lip balm dispenser for ease of use. Just apply this on your lips directly for moisturization and a hint of color.

You can also use this as your blush or cream eye shadow. If you are planning to use it like that, alter the pigmentation according to your requirement and preference.

In case you are wondering – you don’t have to refrigerate, though it is good to do that. Without refrigeration the gloss lasts for more than two months, and the beetroot powders lasts for a good six months. However, I recommend preparing smaller batches if you don’t refrigerate or prefer them fresh. Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try Gaya Cosmetics for your beauty requirements.