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There are many anti-ageing products that are coming out. But, you know what – nothing feels good than preparing your very own skin serum that works. What do you say, ladies?

I know right? DIY Recipes are one way to indulge and pamper yourself, but you also know what goes into the jar and decide what you want to use on your skin. Isn’t that great?

Though the ingredients I chose aren’t exactly cheap, they work wonders and wrinkles are really a thing of the past! Now, let’s take a look at how to do this. Shall we?


Rosehip Seed Oil – 10 Tsp.
Macadamia Nut Oil – 6 Tsp.
Apricot Kernel Oil – 12 Tsp.
Evening Primrose CO2 Extract – 8 Tsp.
Vitamin E Oil – 4 Tsp.
Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 Extract – 10 Drops
German Chamomile Essential Oil – 25 Drops


Nothing complicated really! Just add all the ingredients to a dark glass amber bottle, shake gently to combine and voila! You’re done. Wait for a day or two before you start using it (the essential oils and carrier oils are blended well by then), though you can use immediately too!


You will get around 200 Ml of Serum roughly, so if you think it is more, reduce the ingredients proportionately and prepare a smaller batch.

Shelf Life

This serum lasts for a year! So don’t worry about preparing a larger batch, especially if you hate doing things every month or two 😉

Who Can Use It?

Everyone with Dry – Normal Skin can use this safely. If you have Oily or Combination Skin, shake up the recipe a bit to incorporate oils that suit your skin better.

Why These Ingredients?

Organic Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 Extract is what gives this recipe the longer shelf life, unlike other recipes on this blog. The extraction type brings out more of the antioxidant properties in Rosemary and also, extends the life of essential oils that it is added too! Cool, right? For these reasons, it is one of the best preservatives for any DIY Skin Care Recipe you are trying out!

I have mentioned CO2 Extract for Evening Primrose, instead of Evening Primrose Oil, because CO2 extract extends the life of Evening Primrose without compromising on the quality. However, if you don’t get it, replace it with Evening Primrose Oil (same quantity).

How to Use it?

Shake the bottle gently and take a few drops of the serum and gently massage your skin with it. I use it in the Morning, though you can also use it at night.

Also, feel free to shake the recipe around a bit and come up with a blend that works for you. Every ingredient in this list will have a substitute or most of it do. So, if something doesn’t work for you, or if you prefer something else in one’s place, feel free to play around. The key is using ingredients that curb ageing skin signs and we all know, natural has goodness in abundance and there’s never a shortage for it ☺ Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try Aya Naturals Anti Ageing Skin Care products for keeping ageing skin signs at bay.