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Come winter, skin tends to get dry and irritated easily. What if there’s a way to soothe your skin and keep it silky through winter?

Winter is a challenging for many. I for one have a tough time being unable to balance between breakouts and the need for moisture and protection, leaving my skin dry and vulnerable.

I wanted something that will soothe my skin, protect it, nourish and moisturize it, without triggering breakouts. It is quite tricky at times. I have come up with a simple and easy winter rescue, but feel free to modify it to suit you best.


Lavender Essential Oil – 20 Drops
Sweet Almond Oil – 2 Tsp.
Lemon Balm Essential Oil – 25 Drops
Coconut Oil – 1 Tsp.
Apricot Oil – ½ Tsp.
Jojoba Oil – 1 Tsp.


Add all the above given ingredients to a sterilized dark amber glass bottle and shake gently.

Let it sit for two days before you use it.

How to Use It?

I usually add 1 Tbsp. of Avocado Oil to this mixture and use it.

Alternatively, you can take a few drops of this mixture and add it with your lotion and use it to massage your hands, feet or wherever you have dry or irritated skin.

You can use the lotion you’ve used, or pick one of our DIY versions for your skin type.

I prefer applying this right after my shower and then reapply if needed, usually I don’t have to if I religiously apply it regularly.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

I wanted a lighter recipe that won’t trigger breakouts; though if you have a preference for a specific carrier oil, feel free to use it.

The lemon balm is an energizing yet subtle scent. While I liked this best, it is hard to find a pure version, and when you do, it is quite pricey. In some places, you don’t get it. If you have one of the above constraints, feel free to swap it another citrus scent – Sweet Orange is milder than lemon, though you can pick what citrus scent works well for you and work with the ratio according to the intensity of the scent and your preference.

Some don’t prefer using citrus essential oils, especially due to the sun sensitivity some lend. While not all citrus essentials are the same and some are milder and won’t cause issues, you can go with what works for you best. Of course, sun isn’t harsh during winters, but if you find using these oils cause issues, swap it for oils that won’t cause issues.

Do you know some essential oils even Lemon, aren’t a problem if they’re steam-distilled? But, if you don’t want to take a chance, go with other soothing essential oils like Myrrh or Frankincense.

Some say Lavender Essential Oil causes sun sensitivity issues, too. So I would suggest you to try a small patch, see what works for you and then prepare a blend that works for your skin best.

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