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Homemade sunscreen lotion isn’t waterproof, a reason many resort to store-bought sunscreen often. Here’s a waterproof sunscreen recipe for those individuals.


Kokum Butter / Sal Butter – 16 Tbsps.
Hemp Seed Oil / Coconut Oil – 16 Tbsps.
Beeswax – 8 Tbsps. – 16 Tbsps.
Vitamin E Oil – 3 Tsps.
Zinc Oxide / Titanium Di Oxide – 3+ Tbsps. (non-nano)
Essential Oil – 1 Tsp.


In a double boiler, heat the butter, oil and wax together.

When they’re melted fully, use a stick or spatula to stir the ingredients and remove from heat.

After it cools down for a few minutes, add the Vitamin E oil, Essential Oil and Zinc Oxide powder and mix together.

Once the ingredients are fully incorporated, pour in moulds and refrigerate.

It would take 4 – 8 hours or more for setting.

Shelf Life

This is an oil-based sunscreen and there are no water-based ingredients. So, shelf life wouldn’t be a problem and with the addition of Vitamin E, you should be good for a few months. I prefer preparing new ones every six months.

How to Use it?

Once set, they’re hard and you are ready to go. Use like a roll-on for application and spread evenly using your fingers.


This sits well in room temperature depending on the wax and butter ratio you have used. However, if you stay in tropical countries, you can refrigerate if you find it melting or increase beeswax.

Indirect Heating

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can choose either Kokum Butter or Sal Butter or use both in equal quantities. Same goes for the oils.

You can substitute other butters like Mango Butter, Cupacu Butter (protects from UVB & UVA rays) or Shea Butter instead of Sal or Kokum Butter if you prefer them better.

You can substitute Coconut Oil or Hemp Seed Oil with other oils of your choice or preference.

Essential oil is for fragrance, though I prefer using the ones that offer sun protection. I have used Lavender and Carrot Seed Oil, though you can choose others. Never pick Citrus essential oils for recipes that you use before heading out – they leave you prone to sunburn or sun tan.

You can increase or reduce the quantity of Zinc or Titanium Di Oxide based on the coverage you need. I found 3 Tbsp. adequate for most part, since we have added other ingredients that will spruce up the SPF rating.

Why These Ingredients?

Kokum Butter and Sal Butter has been proven to offer extra protection against sun and is also anti-aging. It is non-comedogenic and doesn’t trigger acne breakouts. Since I am prone to acne and pimples, I usually avoid Cocoa Butter and I found Sal Butter and Kokum Butter to almost match the consistency of Cocoa Butter. Since we are looking at a stick instead of a lotion, I preferred harder butter.

Hemp Seed Oil is 6 SPF, whereas Coconut Oil is 4 – 10 SPF. Besides, they don’t trigger acne breakouts as they are non / less comedogenic. You can however pick other carrier oils that offer similar benefits.

Beeswax is used for multiple purposes – it gives the sunscreen the hardness so it can be used as a stick and makes the sunscreen waterproof. It also soothes sunburn and forms a protective layer on your skin.

I have chosen Lavender and Carrot Seed Essential Oil in my recipe and used them in equal proposition. However, you can also use other oils that offer sun protection like Myrrh, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, etc.

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