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Don’t want to spend a fortune on setting sprays? Here’s an easy and affordable DIY Setting Spray recipe you can try.

Setting spray is also called makeup setting spray, finishing spray, makeup spray or finish spray. It is a product that is intended to retain makeup applied longer. They come in small handy spritz bottles and misted or sprayed after application of makeup. It keeps makeup moist for hours after the original makeup was applied.

If you use a few makeup products and don’t like the runny or dis-shelved look at the end of the day, a setting spray is what you need. We’ve already shared a primer recipe, a product that’s applied before you apply makeup. While a primer is applied before sprucing up, setting spray is applied after. They’re both similar in how they play a role with your makeup results and life. However, a setting spray is usually a spray or mist, though it can also be a powder. We will share a powder recipe later. Setting sprays don’t alter the color of your makeup and are transparent.

Why Use It?

The main reason for using a setting spray is to ensure the makeup stays intact and doesn’t rundown or bleed due to perspiration, etc. Also, these sprays are intended to keep your skin hydrated and cool during warmer climates. After all, you can’t splash water on your face with makeup on, can you?

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How to Use It?

Basically, it comes with a spray attachment and you spritz or spray after makeup is done. Make sure the spray is held at arm’s length and don’t rub in – it should dry naturally. You don’t want to ruin your makeup with your own hands, do you?



Distilled Water / Purified Water – 50 ml.
Glycerin – 1/2 Tbsp.


In a sterilized mist spray container, add the glycerin (vegetable glycerin).

Fill-up with distilled water and shake well. Once the solution becomes clear again, you can set aside and use as needed.


Alternative Recipe with Aloe Vera


Distilled Water /Purified Water – 60 ml.
Vitamin E Oil – 3 drops
Aloe Vera Juice / Gel – 4 Tsp.


In a spritz spray container, add all the ingredients and shake well to combine. Use as needed.

Alternative Recipe with Witch Hazel


Distilled Water / Purified Water
Witch Hazel

Gaya Comestics - Face Primer Foundation Base - 30ml Bottle


Combine the ingredients in a sterilized spritz spray container and use as needed.

I prefer using 8 parts water for two parts of Glycerin. As for witch hazel, it is optional and I use half the quantity as Glycerin. Depending on your frequency of usage and requirement, you can vary the quantity. If you are a rare user, I recommend preparing small batches.


If you have a sensitive skin, make sure the ingredients for the recipe you choose suit your skin.


It is a good idea to refrigerate the preparation and discard whatever remains after two weeks and prepare a fresh batch.

Don’t have time for DIY recipes? Try Gaya Cosmetics for your requirements. I use it when I don’t have time for DIY recipes and don’t have breakouts or other issues.