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Want to prepare your own natural and easy face primer that works? We’re going to combine a few ingredients and some products we already have to get this done, so it is instant.

In our earlier post on primer, we were discussing how you can combine a few things from your makeup stash to prepare your own Face Primer. This post is about that.

While you can still prepare this recipe from scratch, we’re looking to use what we already have to make a quick work of things. I wanted a face primer that’s not just a base, but also a comprehensive one. As such, I came up with the idea to combine products and ran away with it!

We all know we apply face primer before makeup, but I wanted something that will give me some coverage and ensure I don’t have to apply layers on layers. So after some research, I tried out a few variations and liked this one better. Besides, primers aren’t available much here and I really wanted something all-round.

So, let’s take a look at what we need and then how to whip it up.


Aloe Vera Gel
Mineral Foundation Powder


Grab a small dollop of the following ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, moisturizer, sunscreen and a small helping of foundation powder.

Add them all to a mixing bowl and mix using a spatula to combine them all.


Tips to Tweak the Recipe

If you want to keep it easier, use liquid foundation instead of foundation powder.

You can also use both liquid foundation and foundation powder for a more opaque primer.

You can prepare a larger batch instead of a one-time use batch, though for that, you will need a preservative or store-bought Aloe Vera.

Water-based moisturizer works best, so pick from one of the versions listed on our site here. We have listed an array of different moisturizers to suit everyone.

As for sunscreen, you can use the ones listed on our site too.

You can substitute Glycerin for Aloe Vera, if you don’t prefer or are allergic to Aloe Vera. If you do that, make sure you use powdered foundation powder for getting the right consistency.

You can work with the ratios and go with what suits your skin best – for oily skin, more of aloe vera gel and less of moisturizer might work better, whereas, for dry skin you might need more of the moisturizer. This way or that, aloe vera also helps with moisturization and hydration, so try out different ratios to find what is ideal for you.

Why an Instant Version?

We have most of the ingredients handy, so why prepare a primer too? Why can’t we just whip up every time we need a primer? That’s how I got to try out this, as I did not want to carry a lot of stuff everywhere I travel.

Since a moisturizer, powder and sunscreen are staples, I figured mixing them up for a primer along with Aloe Vera or Glycerin that’s easy to get anywhere.

What’s a Primer for?

Primer is mostly a base, so you can even out skin imperfections to create an even skin surface and skin tone to work with. The final finish is better with a primer to smooth the way. It also fills out any creases and wrinkles, regulates oil levels, moisturizes your skin and forms a layer of protection on your skin before you apply makeup.

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