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Prickly Heat Rash is a common problem during summer. Is there a way to deal with it the natural way?

Yes, using a Prickly Heat Powder one can bring down prickly heat rash otherwise referred as heat rash. Did you think buying the powder is the only way? Nope, there are few ways to make your own stash of effective Prickly Heat Powder. I am going to teach you how to prepare an easy but effective powder, though we will be adding more variations soon.


So, ready for the recipe?


Boric Acid
Arrowroot Powder


Note: I have not mentioned quantity in the ingredient list, so you can choose whatever quantity works for and work out the ratio according to what I have listed here.

Take Talc and Arrowroot Powder in equal quantities. For example: if you are taking about 10 Grams of Talc, take 10 Grams of Arrowroot Powder and 2 Grams of Boric Acid and a pinch or two of Menthol.

In a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients except Menthol and stir thoroughly or use a mortar and pestle to combine thoroughly and without any lumps.

Now, add the Menthol crystals and keep mixing till fully incorporate and you don’t see larger glittery particles of Menthol.

Why Does this Work?

This works as an antiseptic and also, offers relief from increased humidity due to excessive sweating and curbs heat rashes. Menthol gives the trademark cooling sensation leaving you feeling refreshed and better!

How to Use It?

After a shower, dry yourself well and then apply this powder liberally over affected areas, or where you are prone to get prickly heat rashes – back, creases, neck, etc.

Can you Use this as a Regular / Talcum Powder?

Yes, you can use this regularly if you are prone to skin issues or allergic reactions. The ingredients especially the Boric Acid is said to have an ability to curb skin issues including Ring Worm! If you are using it to curb skin issues, you can increase the Boric Acid by a few pinches!

If you love the cooling sensation Menthol offers, feel free to swap this for your regular powder but work on the combination and see what works for you best! You might have to tweak the ratio to suit your needs best.

What’s Talc?

You do get plain talc – a mineral ingredient that used to be the key component of Talcum Powder earlier along with Starch, before the chemical ingredients took over! If you don’t get Talc, you can either use a natural or organic Talcum Powder that you use, or use the recipe we have given earlier for face powder here.

Is this Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Absolutely, I haven’t had any issues using this powder and can recommend this to those who have delicate or sensitive skin. However, do a patch test to confirm. You can bring the Menthol down a notch or avoid it altogether if needed, if you find it irritates your skin.

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