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Cuticle health is important for healthy nails. Do you want to know what you can do to protect, strengthen and nourish your cuticles?

Recently, the skin around nails was looking a tad dry and often chirped and I was tempted to bite them off, so they don’t look bad. However, knowing chewing fingers or using a nail cutter to trim it off isn’t ideal. Also, my nails were brittle when I had to survive on takeout for a while and skimped on nutrients, when I couldn’t cook when I was overtaxed a but. I started trying to use oils to curb the dryness and nourish my cuticles and nails.

After all, if they were healthy and moisturized right, they wouldn’t dry and peel off. Right? So, that’s how I started with a few different combinations and this one worked real well for me.


Olive Oil – 1 Tsp.
Avocado Oil – ½ Tsp.
Carrot Oil – 5 Drops
Lavender Essential Oil – 5 Drops
Myrrh Essential Oil – 2 Drops


In a roll-on add all the above given ingredeints and shake gently.

Set it aside for two days before you start using it.

How to Use the Cuticle Oil?

Just rub the roll-on along your cuticles and massage your nails and cuticles for a few seconds for the oil to get absorbed. Voila!

Why These Ingredients?

I needed a slightly nourishing and moisturizing blend that’s not too light, to deal with the problems I mentioned – dry cuticles, brittle nails and lusterless nails. I did not worry about the blend being a little thicker, as long as it takes care of my problem.

All the ingredients are nourishing and moisturizing. They do a wonderful job of strengthening and nourishing nails and the surrounding cuticles.

They’re natural and work wonders for your nails, every single time.

How to Use It?

I use this oil and night, though you can twice a day for better and faster results.

Apply to clean hands – right after washing your hands and drying them off.

It is a good idea to use a nail soak at least once a week. This helps strengthen nails and nourish them, coupled with cuticle oil, your nails and cuticles will become healthier, stronger and better soon.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use Apricot Kernel Oil or Jojoba Oil or Sweet Almond Oil if you want something light to be able to use during the day.

I used Myrrh and Lavender for their healing and soothing properties. However, you can use other essential oils with similar healing, soothing and rejuvenating properties like Frankincense Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oi, Chamomile Essential Oi, Helichrysum Essential Oil, etc.

You can also use Argan Oil, Hazelnut Oil or even a few drops of Vitamin E Oil for a more nourishing blend.

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