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We all love pink, don’t we? I wanted ensure we get our pink fix, but with a little twist. Ready everyone?

We’re going to prepare a loose eye shadow in Ivory Pink, as you’ve probably guessed. You can also make compressed eye shadow, we will probably do that in our next recipe. So whatever you want to do, pressed or loose powder, you can choose for your recipes.


Zinc Oxide – ½ Tsp.
Magnesium Stearate – ¼ Tsp.
Sericite – 1 ½ Tsp.
Kaolin Clay – ¼ Tsp.

This is your base for loose powders. You can change the volume or quantity based on your usage. Since this is the base, you can prepare and keep a larger batch and whip up your favorite colors on the fly. If you are preparing your base separately, blend the ingredients using a spatula in a mixing bowl thoroughly (takes 2 – 3 minutes) and transfer to a sterilized jar.

Makeup Base – 1 pinch
White Mica – 1 dash
Gold Mica – ¼ Tsp.
Beige Mica – 1 pinches and a drop


Add all the ingredients in the second part of the ingredient list, after the instructions for the base to a mixing bowl.

Blend till the ingredients are fully incorporated and there are no streaks of color and the color is blended evenly.

Transfer to a sterilized container.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use Titanium Di Oxide instead of Zinc Oxide.

I use a hint of Moroccan Red Clay or Pink Clay – I don’t replace Kaolin Clay as the red or pink would overtake that way. I just add a hint to get it more pinkish. But it is your choice.

You can use pearl mica or satin mica, though I’ve seen satin mica looking shimmery and with a finer finish than pearl mica. But it varies with the mica suppliers, your preference, etc. So choose what you like. I’ve used satin mica for the recipe. Sometimes the term is used interchangeably, too.

You might have seen most using less of Mica Powders or Color Pigments, but I keep the recipes a tad intense. This means – less is more!

How does this Eye Shadow Look Like?

It looks like Pink Ivory, with embellishments of satin finish and shimmer. You can use for casual outings, or work.

Who Can Wear This?

This suits best for those with Neutral skin tones, though it is one of the few colors that works for all eye colors.

Can I Use This for Anything Else?

Absolutely! You can use this on your lips or even as your highlighter.

Here’s a quick reference guide to measurements used here:

Dash – 1/8 Tsp.
Tad – 1⁄4 teaspoon
Smidgen – 1/32 Tsp.
Pinch – 1⁄16 Tsp.
Drop – 1⁄64 Tsp.

Play around with the recipe, ratios and even color pigments of your choice and let us know your results and finds. Keep us posted if you want us to add any specific recipes. We thank our readers who’ve been sending feedback and suggestions, keep them coming. Don’t have for DIY Recipes? Use Gaya Mineral Cosmetics for your beauty requirements.