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Want to remove makeup effectively? Try this easy and effective DIY Makeup Removal Scrub.

We all use makeup from time to time. However, depending on what makeup you use, removing it can be a tad difficult. Especially, long stay eye makeup, or face makeup meant to last from 9 – 9 can be really difficult to remove.

At times, it takes more than one try to get rid of the makeup. I wanted something that will cleanse my face while removing the makeup, and decided to go with a scrub this time around. Scrubs have always left my face feeling clean and breathable, while also not making it dry or worn out like soaps and cleansers. That’s how I decided to do a scrub that will double up and remove makeup!


Emulsifying Wax – 1 Tsp.
Ground Apricot Seeds – 4 Tsp.
Olive Oil – 4 Tsp.
Liquid Castile Soap – ¼ Tsp.
Aloe Vera Gel – 2 Tsp.
Clary Sage Essential Oil – 3 Drops


In a mixing bowl, add the ground Apricot Seeds along with liquid Castille Soap.

In your double boiler, heat the emulsifying wax and olive oil together.

Add the Aloe Vera Gel to the wax and oil mixture. Remove from heat once combined.

Whisk the mixture briskly to create an emulsion, while also adding the apricot shells and castile soap into it.

Now, add the essential oil into it and once the emulsion is created, transfer to a sterilized jar.

How to Use the Scrub?

Take a dollop and use it to cleanse your skin and rinse off with warm water.

Don’t use this for your eyes, as the skin around your eyes is really gentle.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can also use Walnut Shells for this scrub. I prefer softer and milder ingredients like Oatmeal or Rice Flour and usually use that for instant scrubs. Feel free to use them or other options, if your skin is sensitive or you prefer milder options for cleansing. However, pick ingredients based on their shelf life. Jojoba Beads are another option for scrubs.

If you have acne-prone skin, go for Calendula Oil instead of Olive Oil.

You can also substitute Olive Oil for a carrier oil of your choice.

Likewise, Essential Oils can be chosen according to your preference or requirement. Lavender, Myrrh, Geranium and Chamomile are a few options I use often.

This is a complicated recipe, but works really well for heavy or stubborn makeup. However, if you want a simpler recipe, you can try other options listed on our site. We will be adding a similar version without the scrub, so it is will be easier for those with sensitive skin, or those who want to use the same cleanser for face and eyes ☺.

Until then, keep us posted with your results. If you have any special requests do let us know. Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try Gaya Cosmetics for your beauty requirements. Their hypoallergenic mineral makeup products are organic and made using high quality ingredients. Besides, they don’t trigger a breakout. What’s not to like about it?