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When your skin looks yellow or sallow, you need a lilac corrector to look fresh as a daisy! Right? So, how do you do it ?

There are times when skin can look sallow or yellow and it makes one look like they’re really tired or haven’t slept in a while. Using a concealer can worsen it further, so you will need a color corrector to fix your skin.

Here’s a simple and easy way to prepare your own mineral lilac corrector, at home.


Manganese Violet Pigment – a pinch
Titanium Dioxide – ½ Tsp.
Sericite – ½ Tsp.
Ultramarine Pink Pigment – a pinch
Ultramarine Blue Pigment – a hint


Just add all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and blend mechanically for a few minutes using a spatula.

When fully blended without any streaks, transfer to a sterilized container.

How to Use the Corrector?

As the name suggests, it is a corrector. Just use it where you need correcting! You can use a brush or a sponge to apply and blend.

Also, when you use correctors, little goes a long way. So go lighter on the correctors, so you don’t see them through your makeup finish!

Why to Use Lilac Corrector?

When you have yellow undertones on your skin, you will need a lilac corrector to counter it. Also, if you have a pasty, or yellowish or dull complexion, lilac corrector is just what you need to brighten it in a jiffy!

So, why Lilac? We all know color correctors are basically using the exact opposite color from the color wheel. Accordingly, when yellow is a problem, lilac or purple is the one that will counter it.

So, do I just use the Corrector all over my face to counteract yellow skin?

Absolutely not! If the entire face is what you’re looking at, consider using a lilac primer! Correctors are more concentrated and intended for spot corrections.

Are there different variations of the Lilac primer?

Yes, for every color corrector, there’s more than one shade. For example, the orange corrector will have orange, peach and even an orange pink variation. One must choose based on the intensity of the coverage spot and the skin color, to get the desired result.

So, orange will be for darker skin, while the lighter variations like peach are for lighter skin. Both serve the same purpose, but for different skin tones!

Will I Need a Concealer?

You might need a concealer for lighter blemishes and also, to get an even finish and cover up the color corrected areas to look uniform.

Will I need Foundation?

In most cases, you might need a concealer and foundation, to ensure the color correctors are well hidden and the finish looks even and neat.

Last but not the least, correctors are to be used sparingly and just where needed. A powdered version is lighter than a stick or a liquid version. Don’t have time preparing your own makeup? Try Gaya Cosmetics for all your mineral makeup requirements. Their mineral makeup products are hypoallergenic, high quality and works even for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.