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Unlike most makeup products out there, Kohl as it is popularly called, is one of the best beauty products that work wonders for your eyes. So, what’s Kohl, you are probably wondering!

Eyes add persona and magnificence to one’s face and considered as one of the best features of our face. Women adorn their eyes with eyeliner, but Kohl is probably is the best thing you can put on your eyes.

Kohl is like your eyeliner, just that this not only adds beauty, but also benefits your eyes. Kohl is also called as Kajal or Black Eyeliner. There are different ways to prepare Kohl and is considered among the few ancient beauty products being used for centuries. Kohl is said to cleanse one’s eyes and make them attractive and bright. What’s not to like about it?

Kohl available commercially is prepared using dangerous chemicals that can cause infections or harm your eyes. So, try out the DIY version instead!


Castor Oil


You can get copper lamp in stores. If you don’t have that already, get one! Fill it with pure castor oil and use a cotton wik (you get this too, used for lighting lamps) and place it in a spot where you can light it.

Now, get two steel tumblers or bowls and place them beside the light lamp. The height of the chosen vessel should be a bit taller / higher than the lamp.

Now, place an inverted copper plate on the vessel. Wait till the lamp burns out all the oil.

Now, flip the copper plate once it has cooled down.

You will notice a thick layer of soot collected on the plate’s surface.

Gently scrap it out and add it in a small mixing bowl.

Add a pinch of Camphor to this.

Add a few drops of ghee and mix well to combine the ingredients.

The consistency should be that of a thick paste.

Transfer to a sterilized container! Silver is ideal and this mixture is traditionally stored in a small silver vessel to enhance the benefits.

Shelf Life

Lasts for more than eight months without refrigeration. In fact, not refrigerating but keeping this in a warm environment actually helps with oxidization of Silver and enhances the recipe. However, make fresh batch every 3 – 4 months.

How to Apply it?

Scoop out a small dollop using a matchstick or a spatula and use your fingers to apply it along your eyes. However, since this is an intense liner and you want to avoid the hassle of washing it off from your fingers, a matchstick can be used.

Why This Recipe or Ingredients?

This is the traditional and original recipe of Kohl and till date, many Indians prepare it this way. It is said to keep one’s eyes clean, healthy and cools the eyes. It is also said to prevent eye infections and enhance one’s eyes. You can skip Camphor if you are not comfortable with it.

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