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We’ve already seen one way of preparing Kajal. Here’s another option using Ajwain Seeds.

So, ready ladies? We all know eyes are considered the window of one’s soul. There’s a reason we all love to keep our eyes shinning, healthy and stunning. Besides, getting lost in one’s eyes isn’t a mere statement. Eyes convey a wealth of information about an individual.

So, here’s a recipe that will keep your eyes shining, healthy and stunning! Popularly called Kajal in the Asian countries, it is not only a beautifying agent but also believed to keep one’s eyes healthy. This recipe uses Ajwain seeds and an alternative for those who don’t want to use Almonds.


Ajwain Seeds


Take a clean lamp – copper or silver or earthen are ideal options.

Get cotton roll from your medical store for preparing your wick.

Take a thin sheet from the cotton roll, enough to hold a few Ajwain Seeds and work as a wick.

Add the Ajwain Seeds and roll the cotton sheet to hold the seeds in, and also, to work as a wick.

Place it on the lamp and cover till brim with ghee – cow’s ghee is best.

Place two small steel cups or bowls upside down on either sides of the lamp. Make sure the two vessels you pick are of the same size.

Place a sterilized plate (copper or silver or stainless steel) upside down on the bowl – the plate should be above the lamp and the bowls offering support for the plate.

Now, light the lamp and wait till it fully burns out.

The plate you placed will be covered in soot.

Wait for it to cool down, completely.

Once it cools down, use a blunt knife or spoon or remove the soot from the plate.

Add the soot to a sterilized jar – silver works best, though you can also use glass jar.

That’s your kajal. You can use it in its powdered form, or add ghee or castor oil to make it wet – like your eyeliner.

How to Apply It?

You can apply it using your fingers – ring finger as the pressure will be lesser than your index finger, though you can also use your eyeliner brush.

How to Remove It From Your Eyes?

You can use Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or even Sweet Almond Oil to remove it.

Why Use This?

It is a natural alternative to eyeliner.

It keeps your eyes healthy and many who use this, say it helped with watery or itchy eyes within a few days after they started using it.

Also, those with sensitive eyes find this recipe extremely easy on their eyes.

Will Dry Version Smudge?

Nope, as long as you apply it right, it won’t smudge.

Tips to Tweak The Recipe

You can use castor oil instead of ghee for burning the lamp. It is a good idea to melt the ghee and then fill it in the lamp.

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