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Kajal, is very popular is Asian countries. It is the natural version of the eyeliner that you use. Unlike the store-bought ones, the natural versions are good for your eyes. Wanna know more?

Kajal is what you would call an eyeliner, but a little different. It is natural and good for improving vision, cooling down one’s eyes and also, adds a lot of aesthetic value. It has been around for centuries and earlier, women made it at home.

It is easy to prepare and uses very few ingredients. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Almond Oil
Aloe Vera Gel


Burn the almond(s) – you can both use a knife or a compass and hold it against flame. You can go with 1 – 3 Almonds, depending on the quantity you need.

When you burn the almonds, make sure you burn them fully, till it stops burning – takes about 3 minutes for an almond to burn.

When almonds burn and turn charred (that’s almond charcoal), place it in a mixing bowl and smash it – it usually smashes pretty easily. You can do it using a spatula so you don’t burn your fingers. You don’t really need a mortar and pestle, though you can use it if it makes things easier for you ☺

Once you get the Almond Charcoal powdered, sieve it for an even texture.

For ½ Tsp. of this powder, add ½ Tsp. of Almond Oil and ½ Tsp. of Aloe Vera Gel and mix to combine.

Transfer to a silver or stainless container and use as needed.

Shelf Life

This lasts a good six months, depending on the Aloe Vera Gel you use. However, I recommend preparing fresh batch every month or two. Also, if the smell changes or odor turns pungent, discard.

How to Use it?

Apply it like how you would apply your eyeliner. This recipe is fairly thick or creamy, so you can apply with a brush or even use your finger after spooning out the required quantity.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can also use Coconut Oil instead of Almond Oil. I like that Almond Oil compliments the recipe and like it better when I put anything near my eyes.

If you want a runny consistency (like a liquid eyeliner), you can add more oil.

You can also add a few drops of Vitamin E Oil. It will act as a preservative and also add to the benefits of the recipe.

For those who are wary, you can skip the Aloe Vera Gel – if you think it can spoil or bring down the shelf life of the recipe. However, when Aloe Vera Gel is prepared right – adding Vitamin C for preserving it right (we have explained this in one of our earlier posts), it would not spoil that easily.

Why These Ingredients?

Kajal, as it is called, is used not only for aesthetic beauty. It is believed to benefit one’s eyes. The ingredients are said to cool one’s eyes and also protect the eyes – as in improve one’s eyesight or prolong it. It is said to help prevent eye infections and other eye problems by those who use the traditional recipe.

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