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Lip Balm is one product everyone should have. It nourishes, moisturizes and soothes your lips, so they’re soft, luscious and kissable. Want to know how to prepare your own Lip Balm?

Lip Balm is one of the most easiest and flexible recipes you can start with, if you aren’t a DIY person already. My first DIY Recipe was a lip balm and I had my fair share of trials and errors over the years, but this has been one of my standard and constant recipes.

Lip Balm Natural Treatment for Dry Cracked or Chapped Lips - In a 4gr Jar

I wanted to prepare a Lip Balm that will heal my lips, protect it from sun and weather, so they’re soft and supple. My lips get dry and crack easily and I often end up with bleeding lips during winters. Also, they tend to get dark quite easily, so I wanted something that will work at all times and solve all these problems.

So, here’s the recipe I came up with, one that ensures my lips are soft and protected from sun, always. It works during summers, winters and whenever else I want it to!



Beeswax – 1 Tsp.
Shea Butter – 1 Tsp.
Wheat Germ Oil – 1 Tsp.
Vitamin E Oil Capsule – 1
Honey – 1 Tsp.


In a double boiler, melt together Beeswax and Shea Butter.

When they begin to melt, add Wheat Germ Oil and Vitamin E Capsule.

When fully melted, remove from heat and add Honey.

Stir using a spatula and let it sit for a few minutes.

Transfer to sterilized Lip Balm Tubes and refrigerate so it can set. Alternatively, you can leave it outside, though it takes longer to set this way.

How to Use it?

Just like every other lip balm, hey!

Shelf Life

This lasts for a few months, though I prepare smaller batches to keep it fresh.

Why These Ingredients?

Shea Butter is extremely nourishing, healing and also has an SPF of 6. Using Shea Butter keeps lips luscious and soft, thanks to the rich ingredients and nourishing nutrients.

Wheat Germ Oil has a whopping SPF of 20 and very nourishing and moisturizing Oil that’s good for your lips. It is also packed with Vitamins K, E & B.

Beeswax gives the lip balm firmness and is very moisturizing. It can fix cracked and dry lips and form a protective layer on them, so there’s no further damage due to external factors.

Vitamin E Oil is not only for nourishment, it is also to sustain this lip balm since Wheat Germ Oil can go rancid easily. Vitamin E counters that, so the lip balm remains fresh.

Honey is a hydrating ingredient that’s good to have in a lip balm.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

There are numerous ways to tweak this recipe, but I have kept it fairly simple and straightforward. I wanted an efficient and quick recipe and that’s how I looked at this.

Lip Balm Natural Treatment for Dry Cracked or Chapped Lips - In a 4gr Jar

Since I don’t use makeup very often, and prefer natural ways to enhance my looks, Lip Balms are my go-to product for lip care. But, I also add Beet Juice / Powder to make my lips looks pinker when I have time and patience for it.

You can swap any of these ingredients for ingredients of your choice and make changes according to your preference or requirement.

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