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Lip Stains are a great way to add some color to your lips. Do you know what’s better – they last longer. Here’s a Lip Stain Recipe that uses Hibiscus Flowers for coloring. Want to know how?

Most women like to add some color to their lips. Don’t they? While I might be a fan of Makeup often, Lip Colors are something I use from time to time. So, I wanted something that’s not very heavy or waxy and definitely natural. I am also prone to lip dryness, so I wanted a moisturizing formula that will remain in tact throughout the day. So, here’s what I came up with.


Avocado Oil
Shea Butter
Hibiscus Petals Powder
Rose Petals Powder
Black Berry Powder (Optional)


In your double boiler, melt the Shea Butter and Avocado Oil together.

When fully melted, remove from heat and add the powders.

Mix to combine – there shouldn’t be any streaks and the color should have mixed uniformly.

Transfer to lip balm dispensers

Points to Remember

Shea Butter is solid when kept in room temperature. I don’t prefer very hard lip stains, I like fairly light. So I have not included Beeswax and the ratio of oil – butter will vary according to your preference. I go with 1 part Shea Butter and 2 – 3 parts of Oil.

Also, I have chosen Hibiscus and Rose Petal Powders for my recipe and for most part, the coloring turns out well. I only add Blackberry Powder when the stain is a tad lighter than what I want and I don’t have room for adding a lot of powder – Hibiscus and Rose Petal Powders are good coloring aids, but not as strong as say Beetroot or Berries.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

First things first – I have not given specifications on the quantity in my ingredient list or recipe for this one. You can choose a quantity that works best for you. I usually take a spoon or two of each ingredient and keep my batches smaller, so I can rotate the coloring options for variety.

Having that said, I wanted a thoroughly moisturizing recipe so went with Avocado Oil, though any carrier oil including Olive Oil works.

You can add Beeswax if you want a sturdy lip stain, though I don’t include Beeswax for most part – except during winters where I really need a good dose of healing and moisturization, not to mention protection for my easily chapped lips!

You can use any coloring pigment of your chose. I have used Hibiscus and Rose here, with Berry being an add-on only when needed. I get a rosy – berry like stain when using a combination of Roses and Hibiscus, depending on what color Roses you pick! I used Deep Pink Roses and Pink Hibiscus, though they tend to get a sort of berry-like shade when dry! I use the fragrant roses, as I like the smell.

You can even use mineral color pigments like Iron Oxide or Mica. Alternatively, you can use Food Colors for adding a variety to the lip stain color options!

Shelf Life

This lasts more than a couple of months, though I prefer preparing smaller batches. However, if you are uncomfortable with preparing a larger batch, add Vitamin E Oil to improve the shelf life of the recipe.

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