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You spend hundreds and thousands for cosmetics, which are laden with cancer causing chemicals. Why don’t you try to prepare your cosmetics using skin-friendly products? Today, we are going to learn how to prepare Foundation Powder.


Starch – 50 gm.
Cinnamon – 4 gm. (Ground)
Dry Ginger – 1 gm. (Ground)
Nutmeg – 1 gm. (Ground)
Cocoa Powder – ¼ Cup
Vitamin E Oil – 10 drops
Bentonite Clay – 10 gm.
Chamomile Essential Oil – a few drops



Wash and sterilize the vessel and container you plan to use.

Once the vessel you’ve chosen is dry (make sure the vessel or bowl you choose in non-metallic), add all the ingredients.

You should add ingredients one after the other, starting with the base ingredient (starch powder).

Mix well and transfer to the box you’ve chosen for storing the powder.

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How to Use

Apply this powder after washing your face and patting it dry. You can use it anytime, before you head or whenever you want to prep-up your appearance. You can use a powder brush for even finish.

Cocoa Pwdr

Tweaking the Recipe

You can use plain starch, though I prefer using Arrowroot powder, since it is not genetically modified.

You can increase nutmeg and cocoa powder, according to your skin tone. I have a fair skin and this combination works best. The deeper your skin tone, the more cocoa and nutmeg will make it closer to your skin color. You can also add more cinnamon, though it can irritate in larger quantities.

Bentonite Clay works best for my skin color and also because it has healing properties and helps with skin issues. However, if you want to substitute it for a lighter clay, you can try French or white clay.

The quantity given here is suitable for those with sensitive skin, as well. However, if you feel irritation, you can reduce the cinnamon quantity for your next batch. For the current batch, you can fix it by adding more starch and other ingredients, without the cinnamon in the same proportion.

Feel free to change the proportion or combination of the ingredients. It might take a few trials and errors, before you can get the variations right for your skin tone.

Why These Ingredients?

Arrowroot Powder

As mentioned earlier, I use arrowroot powder and not plain starch powder. Though both work well, I prefer this, as it is not genetically modified like cornstarch. Arrowroot powder has healing qualities and used to treat several skin problems. It makes your skin soft and silky, a reason it is used in baby powder. It allows your skin to absorb moisture. It is hypo-allergic, so suitable even for those with sensitive skin.


Cinnamon can give a nice bronze hue, though in miniscule quantities that we have added in here, it helps prevent skin issues like acne. It also helps unclog pores.


It is an ingredient that improves your skin health and leaves it soft. It helps deal with acne and fights ageing skin signs. It also gives a nice hue to the foundation powder.

Dry Ginger

It is said to fight acne and helps unclog pores. Besides, it also acts as a toner when prepared as a concoction and used. Here in the recipe, we use it for acne fighting benefits.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder gives your face a nice glow, moisturizes your skin and helps fight ageing skin signs. It also boosts collagen product, reduce and prevent blemishes and tightens your skin. It is also rich in antioxidants. As for the foundation, it gives a nice brownish hue and offers coverage.

Vitamin E Oil

It is good for your skin and is a preservative.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite is a healing clay and known for its detoxifying properties. It is used to treat several skin conditions including eczema. It is also rich in minerals. We use the clay in the recipe for the healing properties.

Chamomile Essential Oil

I use the oil for its calming and soothing scent, though you can pick any essential oil you like like Lavender, Ylang Ylang, etc.

This is a very simple recipe that you can try. This powder offers mild coverage, though we will be posting a concealer recipe soon. If DIY are not your cup of tea, you can buy mineral foundation from Gaya cosmetics. I use a few products when I don’t have time for preparing my recipes, or when I am heading out for an important event.