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Want to cleanse your face naturally? Tired of how dry and lifeless the commercial face cleansers leave your skin?

I have a sensitive skin, so I have a tough time coming up with the right products or routine for me. It is easy for my skin to flare up, and something that was really suited to my skin, suddenly will end up flaring up my skin! Obviously, I realized that companies tend to change their ingredients, suppliers, recipes and what not, from time to time for various reasons. This means, what worked once, may not at some other point!

So, I had to constantly watch out! Acne was another problem for me, so I can’t really slather up my skin with oils on a whim! Then comes the problem of more oil levels in the T Zone, but dryness in other areas and the problems are endless. I figured, going the DIY route was more beneficial, affordable and I am now having less flare-ups and problems with my skin!

One of my dermatologist friends suggested me this simple method. It looks a little time consuming or cumbersome, it really isn’t. You will see how this helps you shortly and will begin to advocate this to everyone.

The first thing to do is wash your face with tepid or lukewarm water, ideally after removing your makeup or first thing in the morning. Now, take a few drops of oil (Coconut, Olive, Argan, Apricot, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Avocado, etc.). Now, massage your face with this oil including your lashes and brows for a minute. Wipe off with a warm and wet washcloth, or rinse off with warm water. This really cleanses your face and removes any debris left behind.

The key is choosing the right Carrier Oil for your skin, I suggest Jojoba as it works for all skin types and ideal if you don’t know what works for your skin! Sweet Almond or Argan suit all skin types too and ideal for ageing skin. Apricot is suitable for Oily Skin, Olive Oil is suitable for normal or dry skin types, etc. You know what will suit your skin, don’t you? Don’t worry if you don’t know, as we be learning more about in in the coming days! Stay tuned.

Now, use a mild foaming cleanser, while we’re going to learn how to prepare ☺.

Distilled Water – 2 Oz.
Castile Soap – 25 Gms. (shredded)
Essential Oil – 5 Drops


In a sterilized liquid soap dispenser, add the shredded soap, followed by water and essential oil and shake gently.

How to Use the Face Cleanser?

After washing your face, massage your face gently with a dollop of face cleaner and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use Liquid Castile Soap instead of shredded Castile Soap, too!

Essential Oil – pick one that suits you best, I go with soothing Lavender, usually, but like to swap every one and then.

Don’t have time for preparing your own cleanser? Try Gaya Naturals Face Cleanser instead!