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Want to know easy scrubs that you can prepare in your kitchen? Say goodbye to pricey stuff on the counter and whip up an effective scrub that works for you in a minute. Ready?

You would have seen countless options on the shelf of a beauty or skincare wing in the supermarket you shop at. Even online boutiques showcase numerous variants. But the truth is – you don’t need fancy ingredients in your scrub and simple ingredients work similarly, or better that the pricey ones of the shelf! So, why pay a fortune?

Besides, a good DIY scrub exfoliates and makes your skin refreshed and clear without harmful chemicals. Now, do we want those chemicals that cause cancer on our face or skin? Absolutely now, right? So, we’ll get to the recipes right away.

Simple DIY Scrub

Do you use a facial cleanser? Just take a big dollop of your facial cleanser and a spoon of sugar. Use a spoon to mix them like a coarse paste. Voila! You are done!

Coconut Oil Scrub

We all know Coconut oil offers a world of benefits for our skin. So, take two spoons of Coconut Oil, a spoon of sugar and a dash of lemon extract. You have a scrub that will cleanse your face and also leave it bright – thank the lemon for that!

Green Tea Scrub

Brew a few tablespoons of green tea, but make sure you use enough tea for a cup! When the tea cools down, add two spoons of sugar and mix. Add a spoon of honey. You’re good to go!

Almond Scrub

Have Almond Meal handy? Just grab a spoon or two of the Almond Meal, add Olive oil and you are good to go. Want to make it more interesting? Add a drop of essential oil you love!

Rice Scrub

Do you know you can use rice as a scrub? Just use your mixer to crush rice into small granules – don’t make a fine powder. Add honey till it becomes a thick paste. You can add a dash of lemon, or just use honey. This scrub will also leave your face bright.

Coffee Beans for Skin

Coffee Scrub

Do you have a coffee maker at home? Wondering what to do with the ground coffee remains? Use that as your scrub! Coffee is extremely good for your skin and who doesn’t love the aroma? A win-win I would say.

Cinnamon Scrub

Do you have breakouts often? A Cinnamon scrub is all you need. Just mix ground cinnamon and honey to form a paste. Use this as a scrub once a week to keep acne at bay.

How to Use a Scrub?

First, wash your face with tepid water and wipe with a soft towel. You can use a mild soap or natural cleanser like milk or yogurt. After washing off, use the scrub you prepared – just apply it to your face with soft circular motions. Be careful around your eyes.

Once done, use a washcloth to wipe off the scrub after wetting it with warm water. Once the scrub is fully removed, finish with a cold water splash or a toner.

These are a few recipes I use often, but preparing scrub is very easy – you need either sugar / salt + Oil (oil of your choice) and may be, other skin-friendly ingredients like the ones given below. The recipes given above are simple, but feel free to tweak and use ingredients of you choice! Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try Aya Naturals for all-natural skincare products for any requirement.