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Eye Shadows are used to make your eyes standout, but is it safe to use chemical-laden cosmetics around delicate eyes? Not really! So, here’s an easy and organic DIY Eye Shadow recipe you can try.

Eye shadow makes one’s eyes attractive, outstanding and complements one’s eyes. It adds an attractive quotient. Powdered and cream eye shadow is more common, though pencil, liquid and mousse options aren’t far behind. Once can choose what suits them best…



Starch – Your Base
Shea Butter – A hint for moisture

Depending the Color you are looking at, you will also need:

Beetroot Powder
Cocoa Powder
Allspice Powder
Turmeric Powder
Nutmeg Powder


Depending on the color(s) you need, pick and choose your ingredients and combine them in a mixing bowl. Start with lesser quantity, you can always add more if needed.

You can start with the base, starch and add in the ingredients to combine till you get the desired hue.

Once you get the desired color, add a few drops of melted butter and transfer to a sterilized container. This adds moisturizing benefit and helps the eye shadow to stick. However, a few drops go a long way, when you want eye shadow powder.

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Here are few variations I tried:

Light Pink

Starch – ¼ Tbsp.
Cocoa Powder – 2 pinches
Beetroot Powder – ¼ Tbsp.
Shea Butter – 1/8th Tbsp.

Light Brown

Starch – ¼ Tbsp.
Shea Butter – 1/8th Tbsp.
Cocoa Powder – ½ Tbsp.

Light Purple

Starch – ¼ Tbsp.
Beetroot Powder – ½ Tbsp.
Allspice – ½ Tbsp.
Shea Butter – 1/8th Tbsp.
Cocoa Powder – a few pinches

Checking Make Up


If you like a golden shade turmeric will get the desired results. However, it is important to understand turmeric and allspice can irritate sensitive skin. So, if you have a sensitive skin or not sure if the spice powders will work, choose other combinations.

For starch, I always use arrowroot powder. However, cornstarch or tapioca works equally well.

You can prepare beetroot powder at home. Just wash the beetroot(s) and peel of the skin. Either slice them into thin slices (like chips) or shred them. Leave them to dry in shade, though you can also use your oven to make the process faster. Once done, use your mixer for beet powder. A fine powder works best, so if your mixer or food processor isn’t up for the task, use spice grinder or coffee grinder.

How to Apply?

You can use your fingertip or a brush to apply the eye shadow.

Why Use DIY Eye Shadow?

We can’t entirely ignore or avoid using cosmetics, but we can definitely make sure they aren’t laden with cosmetics! Isn’t it? Besides, a few products are easier than you think like this simple and easy eye shadow recipe. You can come up with your own shades and hues, without parabens, chemicals and God knows what else is lurking in commercial cosmetics! Most of the above listed ingredients are easily available in your pantry and won’t even warrant a trip to the store. Besides, the results are just like any commercial product if not better!

Tweaking the Recipe

If you think the starch you are using isn’t fine, run it through a mixer for finer version. In fact, you can even run the eye shadow mixture in your blender before you add Shea Butter.

Make sure you add butter after ensuring the mixture is even and fine. You can run the mixture through a sieve before adding Shea Butter, if needed.

Do you know you can use other color pigments or even food color for making eye shadow? For example: You can use Spirulina or Chlorella for green pigment, turmeric for golden color, dried flower petals, sandalwood powder, so on and so forth.

Remember to apply the base makeup – moisturizer, foundation, etc. before you apply eye shadow.

You can also add mica for shimmer.

You can have mixed results with the shades initially, but with a few tries and mismatches, you will be on your way to fantastic DIY cosmetics. However, if you still have reservations, or don’t have time to refill your container and have a function to attend, you can use Gaya Eye Shadow.

Eyeshadow Shimmer Vegan Mineral Powder - SH5 Shade 100% Natural Premium Makeup for an Even Uniform Vibrant Pigment - Sensitive Eyes Tolerance - In a 2.5gr Jar

Their products are all natural and I have good results using them…