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The skin around your eyes is exceptionally sensitive, gentler than the other parts of your face and dark circles, puffy eyes or even fine lines begin from here. A good eye cream takes care of those issues and also ensures you look bright and young. Ready for the Eye Cream now?

This is a very simple, two-ingredient recipe that’s easy and takes few minutes to prepare. Off to the recipe, now.


Coconut Oil / Sweet Almond Oil – 30 Ml
Vitamin E Oil – 1 Tsp.
Lavender / Frankincense Essential Oil – 10 Drops (Optional)


In a double boiler, slightly melt the coconut oil.

When it begins to melt, remove from heat.

Add the melted coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and essential oil (if you are using any) in your stand-in blender or hand blender jar and whip on medium-high.

When the mixture is sufficiently whipped, transfer to a sterilized jar.

Smile Lines Around Eyes

How to Use The Eye Cream?

Use a small spatula or your index finer to get a small dollop that would be enough to smear around your eyes. Gently massage in under your eyes after cleansing / removing makeup or residue (I use around the eyes) until it is absorbed into the skin. Use this at night, or morning and night.

Shelf Life

I usually prepare this every two weeks, though with Vitamin E Oil and only oils in the recipe, it will last for a while (get an idea on the shelf life by checking the shelf life of oils you use). You don’t have to refrigerate though if you prefer that way, you can refrigerate it.

Why Use This Eye Cream?

This eye cream is rich in antioxidants, reduces dark circles and under eye bags and keep the skin around your eyes moisturized, nourished and soft. It prevents ageing skin signs like wrinkles or fine lines, improves the skin around your eyes, reduces discoloration or pigmentation and enhances the skin texture around your eyes.

Why These Ingredients?

I prefer Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil because they’re extremely nourishing, gentle and offer similar benefits.

Lavender smells wonderful and is also gentle, so suitable around the eyes.

Vitamin E Oil is the best ingredient for your skin, a reason it is often called Skin Oil. It is anti-ageing and nourishing.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can work around the recipe and swap around the ingredients and come up with one that suits you best. For me Lavender works best and keeps me calm, though Chamomile, Frankincense or even Rose Essential Oils can do the trick.

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