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Body Butter nourishes and moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Do you want to prepare a natural body butter at home?

We all use body lotion to moisturize our skin. But, lotion has water content a reason that many find lotions not moisturizing enough – water tends to dry out skin. On the other hand, body butter is made of oil(s) and butter(s). This means, your skin won’t feel dry after a while.

This is a simple and easy body butter recipe you could try. I’ve chosen ingredients that are suitable for normal skin – most ingredients are good for normal skin! So don’t worry – if you have normal skin, you can pretty much use anything and everything!


Coconut Oil – 1 Cup
Cocoa Butter – 1 Cup
Geranium Essential Oil – 25 Drops

Body Butter 1


Melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler.

Once it begins to melt, add coconut oil.

When the ingredients are fully melted and combined, remove from heat.

Set aside for a few minutes and add the essential oil once the temperature drops.

Refrigerate the mixture for a few minutes.

Once the mixture is fairly cool but not solidified (it could take a few minutes or more, depending on your refrigerator settings), use a stand-in blender or your mixer to whisk the ingredients.

I usually set it to medium-high while whipping, so the whipping is done quickly and the mixture doesn’t heat up before it is done.

When the consistency is soft and fluffy it is ready. This usually takes 8 – 12 minutes, but can vary.

Transfer to a sterilized jar and use as needed.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use any essential oil of your choice – Lavender, Neroli, German Chamomile, Frankincense, etc. I went with Geranium, as the fragrance is sweet and calming.

You can substitute Coconut Oil with Olive Oil or any other carrier oil of your choice.

You can substitute Cocoa Butter with Shea Butter, Cupacu Butter, etc.

Why These Ingredients?

Normal skin is a dream of many, though not many are lucky to have it. It is near perfect skin and most of us lose that well before hitting puberty! However, if you are lucky enough to have it beyond that, you are free to pick and choose your ingredients. Most ingredients suit normal skin. The ingredients I have chosen are easy to find, though you can spin and tweak anyway you want!

Can you Use Body Butter on Your Face?

There’s no reason why you should use this on your face. More often, body butters are considered rich and many don’t use it on their face to avoid a breakout. If you don’t have acne or pimple related issues, feel free to pamper your facial skin!

However, you could swap the Cocoa Butter for Shea Butter and use it on your face – Shea Butter is non-comedogenic and won’t trigger acne breakouts.

Shelf Life

I recommend preparing fresh batch every few months. However, the shelf life of the body butter is as good as the ingredients.

How to Use it?

Ideally, you could pamper your skin with body butter right after a shower or anytime your skin needs moisturizing.

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