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Dry Skin needs additional care and body butters are one way to ensure dry skin stays nourished, moisturized and supple. Want to know how to prepare body butter for supple skin at home?

There are different variations for body butter and even ones that can be used for mature, combination or even oily skin. This is a straightforward recipe for dry skin or for normal skin for winters. We will be adding recipes that suit other skin types soon. Let’s take a look at the ingredients now.


Cocoa Butter – 200 grams
Olive Oil – 100 ml
Coconut Oil – 100 ml
Chamomile Essential Oil – 25 Drops

Body Butter Whipping


Melt all the ingredients in a double boiler, excluding essential oil.

When all the ingredients melt and are blended thoroughly, remove from heat.

Let it sit for a few minutes and when it comes down to room temperature, refrigerate.

It should take anywhere from 20 minutes – an hour, for the mixture to solidify but not become hard.

Now, remove and use a blender or hand mixer to whip the mixture on medium high for 7 – 10 minutes.

Add in the essential oils during the whipping and whip till the mixture becomes fluffy.

Refrigerate for another 15 minutes for setting and transfer to a sterilized jar.


You don’t have to refrigerate if you live in a place where the temperature is not above 75 degrees, though you can refrigerate if you live in tropical places. You can leave it outside like you would a body lotion or body butter that’s purchased. Refrigeration can make it less fluffy though!

Shelf Life

I usually whip a new jar every 4 – 6 months, though with an oil and butter based recipe without water or water-based ingredients, the shelf life is usually that of the ingredients. This recipe lasts longer though I haven’t tried keeping it for more than six months.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

What’s the fun in going through the hassles of trying out a DIY recipe if you can’t tweak or make changes? Isn’t it? Being able to make changes and do what you like is half the fun with DIY recipes! So, here are a few tweaks I have tried and had good results.

I have used Cocoa Butter for this recipe, since it is intended for Dry Skin. But you can substitute Shea Butter or other butters like Concentrated Coconut Cream, Avocado Butter, Almond Butter, etc. I usually use Shea Butter along with Apricot Butter to suit my combination and acne-prone skin! The recipe listed above works for my relatives who have dry skin.

As for oil, Coconut, Argan and Jojoba Oils are my go-to and favorite choices as they all suit my skin well. However, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and even Tamanu work well for dry skin.

I have used Chamomile oil for its calming and soothing properties, though you can Neroli, Palma Rosa, Lavender, Rosewood or even Geranium work for dry skin. Choose the one that works best for you.

How to Use the Body Butter?

I usually love pampering my skin with body butter at nights or right after a shower to replenish the lost moisture and luster. I use circular upward massage strokes for massaging the butter into my skin.

Don’t have time for DIY recipes? Try Aya Naturals Skin Care Range for your requirements. Their products are all-natural and I use them with good results.